Emotional Support Dog Registration

Emotional support dog registration can be a very simple process to go through and can be done in a short amount of time too. There aren’t many details required to submit, and the whole process has been streamlined to enhance your experience. If you are thinking about registering your pet as an ESA, then you’re in luck. We here at The Dogtor can arrange for your pet’s registration, and you can then be on your way to getting that rental property or take your animal on a plane with you. We doubt that any other company can make this process as simple for you as we can, and the vast majority of dogs get registered with ease.

Alternatively if you do not yet have the dog that you want to become an ESA then click Here to see how to choose a good partner.

How Can I Get Emotional Support Dog Registration?

You can easily register your dog by contacting us, and we will arrange everything for you. What you need to be more concerned about is if your animal would pass the requirements for being used for emotional support. These pets are allowed for the purpose of providing someone with a particular health ailment with therapeutic benefit and relief of their symptoms. There is no specific training or courses that these canines need to undergo, and they must instead meet behavioral and safety requirements. Your dog must be deemed to have good social skills and be under your control at all times. They must not be aggressive towards people or other animals and shouldn’t make too much noise in a private or public setting. We are able to give you templates of what these letters should appear like, making it easy for you to make sure you have the right registration letters.

What Are The Benefits of Registering My Dog?

Providing you get the necessary letters, your dog could be able to accompany you on airlines or into rental properties. A landlord is not allowed to discriminate against people with ESA’s, and they can’t charge additional rent or deposits because of your pet. They also can’t request for information about the extent of your health ailment or ask for medical records about your condition. Landlords must also modify practices, procedures, or policies to permit someone with an ESA to live in their property and this is bound by The Fair Housing Act.
These dogs have a legal right to housing, and you can even take them traveling on an airline for free in you have the required letter. You will need to check with the airline’s policy first regarding service animals on board their plane, but most dogs should be allowed to travel in the cabin with you.

Should I Get My Pet Registered?

The whole process is very easy, and you don’t need a note from your therapist to get your animal registered. We can handle everything for you and get this done for you in a matter of time. All you would need to do is submit some very basic information such as your name, address, and details about your dog. So if you think your dog meets the behavioral requirements listed above and possesses the social skills to be around people, then you should get started today. Having an emotional support dog is wonderful and has been proven to help many people cope with their problems and start to live better lives.
Once your emotional support dog is registered you should look into getting them a vest, harness or patch so they can be clearly represented as a support animal and not just a pet.

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