Emotional Support Animal Laws California

Have you heard about the emotional support animal that provides amazing results to patients who are dealing with mental disabilities and issues such as depression, panic attacks and even phobias? It is actually very effective that more and more doctors are prescribing it to their patients. Through this kind of support, you get to choose a pet in which you will be with 24/7. These animals could be dogs, cats or birds. You can have the one that suits you best and as long as you feel relax and comfortable around it then you are free to choose the one you want. For more information regarding ESA’s click Here.

If you are a California resident, bear in mind that there are certain rules and exemption when it comes to having an emotional support animal letter in public. The state actually allows a trained service dog as well as psychiatric service dogs with their handler but not an emotional support animal to walk in public. Some emotional support animal law California states their law when it comes to people with mental issues and disabilities. Some of the laws consist of California Disabled Persons Act (CDPA) as well as the Unruh Civil Rights Act. These are the laws that give protection with people dealing such mental issues and their emotional support animals.

Which emotional support animal laws of California protects and when?

As we all know, emotional support animals are animals that do not have formal training as compared to service animals. Instead, the patient/handler derives the support from the animal through the feeling of relaxation, companionship and safety.

In California, they tend to have a more boarder but a lot more strict when it comes to disabled persons. They actually prefer to have a service dog or psychiatric dog instead on an emotional support animal around with the patient. They reason out that these kinds of service dogs are much well trained so as to provide the kind of help and assistance the patient needs as compared to the kind of support an emotional support animal could provide to his handler.

What public places are considered?

As I mentioned above, emotional support animals are not allowed in California especially in public places. These public places are hotels, concert halls, theaters, restaurants, shops and government buildings. Most hospitals, doctors’ office and clinics are also some of the public places in which an emotional support animal is not allowed. This emotional support animal law California is also applied to  public transportation such as buses, trains, street cars and even boats whether they private licensed, franchised or public. If you are going to such establishments or going to travel make sure that you have your service dog or psychiatric service dog with you instead of your emotional support animal or else you will not be permitted to use such places and services and could even cause you law negligence.

Make sure to understand all the important requirements as well as policies regarding this emotional support animal law California so as to avoid further stress and troubles in the end.

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