Emotional Support Dog Training

You may be wondering about emotional support dog training in regards to your ESA and what is required for it. There is often some misconception regarding the similarities between these animals and service dogs in relation to the training that they receive, and you should be aware of what training your animal needs. You may get an ESA for a variety of reasons which pertain to your mental or psychiatric disability. You can even get an ESA if you suffer from a chronic condition related to stress, anxiety, or depression. It’s after being diagnosed with a condition that people start to wonder if their dog needs any specialized training in relation to their disability and leave them not knowing what they have to do. Let’s break down the differences between a service dog and a canine being used as an ESA.

Service Dog Training

A service dog’s role is to perform a task for their disabled owner that they are incapable of doing. This could be functioning as a Seeing Eye Dog or pushing the owner’s wheelchair for them. These canines require specialized training in order to perform these tasks, and they are also imperative for their owner’s survival. This type of canine is also allowed to accompany their owner into rental properties or on board airplanes as their life cannot function without their animal. There is no documentation required to bring a service dog onto a flight, and they cannot be charged any additional fees.

Emotional Support Dog Training

An emotional support dogs purpose is to provide their owner with companionship in order to mitigate one or more symptoms of their disability. It’s the love and affection that helps a disabled person feel better and in some cases forget about the pain or suffering that they are going through. These animals require no training at all as their primary role is just to be with their owner. These canines can accompany their owner into rental properties or airliners but will need a separate certificate to do either of those things. The dog can also not be charged a pet deposit for the property or for flying on an airplane.

So What Do I Need To Do?

Your ESA dog does not have to receive any form of training in order to be approved. It must, however, be proven that it has no behavioral issues and has no social problems. This means that the animal must be in your control at all times and not pose a threat to anyone or anything, in addition to not causing a nuisance in a public or private setting. Providing your canine fits into these requirements, you can go ahead and proceed to get them registered. If you don’t have a companion as of yet then we can help you find what breeds are for sale in your general area, or if you have a specific breed in mind then we can help you find one. Having a fitted harness or doggy vest can be a great benefit to the control and behavior of the dog. If you require any assistance or information in regards to your situation, then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to address your inquiry and let you know what you can do in your situation. We can even arrange registration and approval letters for you, and the process may be a lot faster than if you were trying to do it yourself.

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