Emotional Support Vest

You can get an emotional support vest for your ESA and let people identify that they are more than just a pet to you. Unfortunately, some people with emotional support animals can often be subject to discrimination, whether it was intentional or not. This can be because other people think that the person with an ESA is just taking their animal around wherever they feel like it and this can lead some individuals to think that the ESA owner has a sense of entitlement. With one of these vests, people will be able to see that your emotional support animal is with you for a specific reason and this can make them a lot less inclined to pass judgment as a result without having to produce your ESA letter as proof to strangers.

What is an Emotional Support Vest?

This is a type of vest that ESA’s can wear. It’s not much different from a service animal vest, and it will usually feature a bright and identifying color such as red or orange. You can even get Velcro or stick-on labels for them which can say things such as “support animal” so people will be able to see that the animal with you is more than just a pet. Some vests can also have a loop on it so you can attach a lead and some may also come with pockets and sections for ID cards too. They are not just for dogs either, they are available for a variety of animals to best suit your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Them?

There are still a lot of people who don’t know what emotional support animals are or the role that they play for their owners. Some people can be tempted to go up and pet an ESA without knowing that they are actually a vital part of their owner’s life who may not want the animal to be approached and petted constantly. It could also make life easier if you needed to walk through a public area with your animal quickly and people could be less inclined to say anything because they can see that you are just passing through with a support animal.

Should I Get One?

It can be hard enough having to live your life with your disability, and ESA’s are there to make your life easier. It’s not a good experience to go through when you or your helpless animal is being discriminated against and getting one of these vests for your loved one could prevent some problems occurring. Don’t think of the vest as identifying that you have a problem; it doesn’t have to say that you are disabled or have a condition. You can get vests which just say “support animal” and you can leave it at that because these types of animals can be used for a variety of reasons.
You may have seen people in public before who are with animals who are wearing a vest like this and observed how they go about their daily routine. Individuals are more considerate around these animals if they are wearing a vest because they can see that the animal is with its owner for a specific reason. This can help the owner get through their day easier because there is less hassle involved when moving around and trying to get from place to place. They can also help in the case that you decide to take an animal on a flight, making it visible to others that the animal is allowed to be there without having to explain yourself to anyone or show your paperwork as often. So a support animal vest is perfect for your support service dog.

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