Emotional Support Animal Texas

Emotional support animals in Texas are becoming very popular amongst people with emotional disabilities, and their recognition is on the rise too. While emotional support animals (ESA’s) have been used for decades now, they haven’t gained mainstream popularity as a form of treatment for this type of disability. Due to this, not many people even know about them, and this includes people who are eligible for one too. An emotional disability is quite broad in definition and can encompass psychiatric and mental disabilities in addition to ailments such as insomnia, depression, stress, and anxiety. If someone’s condition can be verified, then they may be eligible to get an ESA.

Emotional Support Animals Texas – How To Get One

Getting an emotional support animal in Texas requires the same procedure as every other state. Someone must first be suffering from an emotional disability which can be verified. This gets done by a registered mental health professional who will perform an assessment. They must conclude than getting an ESA will result in a significant improvement in one or more of the symptoms of the sufferer’s condition. If they do, they can then issue an official letter of approval which will entitle the patient to go and get this type of animal registered.

What Happens Next?

Once this letter of approval is obtained, the patient is then permitted to go and get a domesticated animal for this use. This includes dogs, cats, mice, birds, and many more animals but they must have good social skills around people and other creatures in addition to being very well-behaved. They must be in your control at all times and not pose a threat in any way. If your chosen pet can meet the criteria, then you may choose to go and get them registered. This will make them officially recognized as an ESA, and you will be provided with an official certificate of registration.

Additional Documents

In addition to getting your ESA registered if you choose to, you can also get additional documents which can permit them to live in a rental property with you or accompany you on a commercial flight. Both these letters are also issued by a mental health professional, and we can also arrange this for you too. For examples of what they should look like visit onlinedogtor.com/lettertemplate/.

Housing Letter

This letter enables your ESA to live in a rental property with you. The property manager or landlord is not allowed to discriminate against you because of your animal, and they must provide you with reasonable accommodation. If there is a ‘no pets’ policy, then it must be waived, and you also can’t be charged for a pet deposit. The landlord or property manager is also strictly forbidden to ask about the extent of your condition and must accept the letter as fact providing it can be verified.

Air Travel Letter

This letter permits your ESA to fly with you on a domestic flight. Airlines must not refuse service to disabled people and also can’t ask about the intimate details of your condition. Your animal may be to accompany you in the cabin and sit next to you if it isn’t too big.

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