Emotional Support Cat Certification

Getting an emotional support cat certification for your feline is essential if you want to have a cat as your emotional support animal (ESA) or have to option to bring them into a rental property or on an airplane with you. There are technically three different types of certifications that you could get in regards to these animals and they will depend on what exactly you plan on doing. It’s very important that someone with an ESA is able to be with them and any forced or unnecessary separation can be detrimental to the owner’s health. To help ease this situation a specialized vest can be of great benefit as it will show that the pet is more than just that and is actually there for a purpose.

What Are The Different Types of Certifications?

There are three types of registrations that you can get and they are related to the actual approval you will need to get an ESA, the letter stating that your animal can live with you in a rental property, and the document which enables your feline to accompany you onto an airliner. Once you have the initial approval letter you are fine, but the other two may require yearly renewals so you might need to get another certification annually. Let’s take a look at the different types of certifications you could get.

Approval Letter

This is the letter that all people who want an emotional support animal must first obtain. Without this letter, you can’t get an ESA or obtain the other two certifications. In order to get this, you must first be considered to be emotionally disabled by a registered mental health professional. This professional will then need to deem that the symptoms of your condition severely limits at least one major function of your life. If they think it does, they can then issue you with a letter of approval stating that they believe you getting an ESA would significantly mitigate at least of your symptoms.

Housing Certification

If you want your animal to live in a rental property with you then you will need a certification for that too. This is also issued by a mental health professional but we can also arrange for it if you want a potentially faster turnaround time. Once you have this, it will entitle your ESA to live with you in a rental property. The landlord or property manager is also prohibited from discriminating against disabled people and their approved animals and they must provide reasonable accommodation. You also can’t be charged for a pet deposit or any additional fees regarding your animal unless they cause damage to the property.

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