Emotional Support Cat

Emotional support cats are becoming a very popular type of ESA and are the second most common after dogs. What many people don’t realize when it comes to Emotional Support Animals is how therapeutic and beneficial they are in mitigating the symptoms that their owners are suffering from. While these people still may have to take their medication, these animals can help the owners forget about the pain they are going through or at least feel a lot better about what they’re going through. These animals have been proven to help alleviate the symptoms that sufferer’s experience, and are getting a lot of media attention lately. They can even accompany their owners into rental properties, regardless if the owner says that the property is pet-free. In some cases, the owner may even have to make modifications the property to accommodate the tenant and their pet.

How Can an Emotional Support Cat Help Me?

If you are suffering from a chronic medical condition including, but not limited to, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other types of similar conditions, then you could be eligible to get an ESA in the form of a cat. Any domesticated animal can be an ESA providing they can meet behavioral requirements and possess good social skills. So, if you happen to prefer cats over dogs, you could get a feline approved to be your ESA, and they could help mitigate your symptoms.
Some people have been diagnosed with chronic depression in addition to the mild anxiety that they suffered from. They have then found that after getting a cat, their condition started to improve greatly and their anxiety even went away. This is because humans and animals share a very special bond with each other. Even though we can’t verbally communicate with them in our own language, there is still a deep understanding that we share with them and the love, affection, and companionship can be incredibly strong.
It’s this level of interaction and the emotions felt with an animal that helps people suffering from chronic medical conditions have a chance of improving the way that they feel. This is why these animals are becoming so popular and are being recognized as a form of therapeutic treatment.

How Can I Get One?

The process for getting an emotional support animal is very simple and straightforward providing you have a medical condition that is recognized for these types of animals. You will need to go and see a licensed mental health professional who would have to assess your condition and see if having an animal would significantly improve your symptoms. If so, they can issue you with a letter which will then allow you to have an animal for supportive reasons. Once you have this letter and get your animal, if you don’t have one already, you can proceed through the process of getting them registered and obtaining the required documentation. We can actually do all of this for you if you require assistance, and we have been responsible for thousands of people getting ESA’s, getting them registered, and obtaining the required documentation.

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