Emotional Support Cat Registration

You can get emotional support cat registration for your feline if you want to them to become officially recognized as an emotional support animal (ESA). There are many benefits associated with getting them registered, and doing it could potentially alleviate some of the stress or perhaps discrimination you and your animal may have been experiencing. When your ESA is registered, you can take the certificate of registration around with you and could use it to your advantage in certain situations. While most people are ok with your animal being around, other people, such as landlords, for example, may want to know exactly why you have an animal.

How Can I Get My Cat Registered?

You can get your cat registered through us, and we can arrange everything for you. We make the process incredibly simple to put you at ease and the turnaround time is also very short too. Should you require assistance getting your feline registered, then please feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you. We have years of extensive experience in this industry and are responsible for getting countless people and their ESA’s registered, so you can be sure the process can be quick and simple.

How Does Registering My Cat Benefit Me?

Once your cat is registered, they will be officially recognized as an ESA. This means if you are ever in a situation where you or your animal is being discriminated against, you could show the certificate of registration to prove that your cat is more than just a pet. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to take them on an airplane or into a rental property to live with you.
Taking your ESA on an airplane requires a separate letter of approval from a licensed mental health professional who will write a letter stating that your animal is allowed to fly with you. In addition to your cat already being registered, the combination of their registration plus the approval to fly could make the whole experience a lot easier for you and you can’t fly with them without this separate letter.
If you want your feline to live in a rental property with you, then showing the landlord or property manager your animals certificate of registration can immediately quell any concerns they may have and also not leave you open to discrimination. Landlords and property managers must abide by The Fair Housing Act and can’t discriminate against ESA’s or their owners. Once they see your certificate, they should immediately know that you and your ESA have certain rights and what they can and can’t do.
Once your cat has been registered it is worth looking into an animal vest so your pet can be clearly displayed as a support animal. This should vastly reduce the number of confused looks, questions asked or people trying to pet your support animal.

Should I Go Ahead and Register Them?

Registering your cat can result in a very noticeable difference when you are going through day to day situations with them. The certificate of registration can be presented when applicable, and you could notice an immediate difference in the way that you are being treated. Having your ESA officially recognized by the government adds that extra layer of security and leaves you less open to experiencing some of the problems that ESA owners go through sometimes. If you need any help or assistance, please get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help.

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