Emotional Support Cat Vests

Many people with an emotional support cat purchase an ESA cat vest. It is not a requirement, but it can be useful.

In regards to requirements, all you need for official recognition of your cat’s ESA status is your ESA letter. With a properly executed ESA letter you are given reasonable accommodation for your cat to live with you (Fair Housing Act) and fly with you (Air Carrier Access Act).

Why Would I Want an ESA Cat Vest?

Your justification for an emotional support animal vest for your cat could be as simple as how cute they look wearing it, but there are also more practical reasons to consider, such as:

  • In public, you will most likely want your cat under more control than is necessary at home. There are ESA cat vests that include a D-ring for easy leash attachment.
  • An ESA vest acts as “signage” when you are in common areas of your residential housing or elsewhere, such as an airport. When people see the vest with the ESA label, they understand that your cat is not just a pet and they are often less likely to attempt to pet your cat or ask prying questions as to why it’s with you.
  • Although all you need is an ESA letter, if your cat “looks the part” it doesn’t hurt. There are laws however about misrepresenting a pet as a service animal, so don’t buy a vest representing your cat as something it isn’t.
  • If you purchase a vest with a pocket, you have a place to put your contact information should your cat get lost. A pocket could also serve as a place to keep your ESA letter, but it is usually recommended that you keep that with you as opposed to your cat.
  • If your cat gets lost and it is wearing a vest, it will be far more easily recognizable by people aiding in search efforts. 

Measure Your Cat Before Purchasing a Vest

Use a measuring tape to determine the number of inches around the thickest part of your cat’s torso. Also, measure the circumference of your cat’s neck.

With these measurements, you should be able to determine the proper size vest for your cat.

Choosing the Appropriate ESA Cat Vest material

Consider consulting with your veterinarian to make sure you get a material that is best for your particular cat. Many cat owners choose a vest that includes areas of lightweight, heavy-duty breathable mesh or breathable cotton.