Emotional Support Cat Vest

An emotional support cat vest could be a great investment for your feline and even help alleviate some of the problems you may be encountering. While it’s not common for cats to be wearing clothing or similar types of attire such as vests, these ones are actually practical and aren’t just there for the purpose of vanity. These types of vests offer more functionality than your standard ones, and they are designed with some key features in mind. This means that if you take your ESA registered cat out in public but need to keep them very close to you, then this attire could be perfect for your needs.

What is an Emotional Support Cat Vest?

This is a type of vest for animals, and they are specifically for emotional support cats. The vests can look like your standard ones but with more functionality and they will typically be red or orange to stand out more. They will usually have a patch on them which would say “support” or “support animal” so that people can identify that your feline is more than just a pet. The vests can also come with a D-ring so that you can attach a leash and there can even be pockets to put your cats ESA ID card into.

How Are They Practical?

As crazy as this may sound, but there are quite a lot of ESA cat owners who like to or wish they could take their feline out in public. The problem is with this is that cats are generally not as calm or behaved around public places and would most likely need to be on a leash at all times. This vest can fit snugly around your cat’s body, and you can attach a leash to it with ease and start bringing your pet out in public with you. People will also be able to see the label too which can make them not come up to your cat to pet it or ask you prying questions as to why it’s with you.

Should I Get One?

The practicality that these vests offer is amazing, and you may even think that you were crazy to not be using one sooner. The questions from strangers that can be avoided and the ease of being in a public place with your cat truly makes this pet attire stand out as a keeper. The label is also very handy, so people can instantly recognize that your feline is with you for a very specific reason. It also doesn’t mean that you are identified as a disabled person either, the label can simply say “support”, and that can be enough for people to just accept it on face value and not ask you about, saving you from having to carry your certification around all the time. People are prohibited from asking you about the extent of your disability anyway, and there are strict laws in place to prevent the discrimination of disabled people. So, if you want to make your life easier, then getting one of these harnesses could be the best option for you and your loved one.

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