Emotional Support Animal Registry

Getting your ESA on the emotional support animal registry can be really beneficial for you and your companion. There are many benefits associated with getting on the registry and it may also make your life a lot easier too. Unfortunately, ESA’s and their owners are often discriminated against, and this is largely due to many people being unaware of these types of animals and their purpose. Should you were to go ahead and get your animal registered, you would then have verifiable proof that your friend is more than just a pet and that they are actually with you for a very specific reason.

What is The Emotional Support Animal Registry?

This is the governing body that will officially recognize your animal as an ESA. You can then obtain a document which will certify your companion, and you can then use that as proof whenever you may need to. Hopefully, you shouldn’t be pressed to prove that your animal is really for the purpose of emotional support, but it may come up at some point, especially if you are applying for a rental property.

How Can Getting on The Registry Benefit Me?

Once your ESA is on the registry and you have the official documentation, you can then present it in any situation which would require you to prove that your animal is more than a pet. The most common situation for this would be if you are making a residential tenancy application. When you are applying for a rental property, you would need to show what specific reason your animal is with you for. This is because most landlords or property managers will have a no pets policy and there is a way around it should you have the right documentation. In this situation, you could use the combination of your ESA’s registration plus the letter of approval for it to accompany you to live in a rental property. If you have this letter, the property manager or landlord would have to make reasonable accommodation for you and your friend. This means the no pets policy would be waived under The Fair Housing Act and you also cannot be charged a pet deposit.

How Can I Get My Animal on This Registry?

We can organize this part for you, and we have years of extensive experience in the industry. We are responsible for countless people getting approval letters and their ESA’s registered and we could be able to help you too. Our service has been made as straightforward and simple as it can be to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. Once you fill out the form, we can then get to work and make sure all the right paperwork gets to the right places. We also have a very fast industry turnaround time too, so you could have this registration within a matter of time. It matters not where you may be, whether you are in Florida or California, Iowa or Texas, all the forms are the same country wide making the process even easier. If you require any assistance or would like us to organize this for you, then please contact us today, and we will be happy to help.

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