Emotional Support Animal Florida

Emotional support animals in Florida are starting to become more popular and are a common form of therapeutic treatment for people who have mental health issues or emotional disabilities. They are also starting to become widely recognized across America for this purpose too, whereas before they weren’t really mentioned in regards to treatment for certain health ailments. If you live in or are planning to move to Florida, then you should look into what you have to do if you have or want to get an ESA. Different states may have other sets of rules and regulations, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the ones that are applicable to you.

How Do I Get an Emotional Support Animal in Florida?

The process of getting an ESA in this state is no different to getting one in others. You must first have a verifiable disability and then go and see a licensed mental health professional in any state. They will assess your condition and see if getting an emotional support animal would result in a significant improvement in one or more of your symptoms. If so, they will then issue you with a letter stating that you are their patient and they have deemed that getting an ESA would be of great benefit to your condition. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these different letters.

What Do I Do Next?

If you live in Florida already and you got your letter of approval from a mental health professional, then you can go ahead and purchase any domesticated animal for emotional support. If you’re not yet in Florida but have your approval, you can still purchase an animal anywhere if you don’t have one. Your current pet could become an Emotional Support Animal providing they are a domesticated animal that doesn’t have any behavioral or social issues. These animals don’t require any form of special training because their main purpose is to provide you with companionship.

Moving to Florida

If you’re on your way to Florida by airplane and already have your pet registered, The Aircraft Carrier Act permits them to accompany you on the flight providing you have a separate letter from your mental health professional allowing this. Your ESA could even sit with you in the cabin providing they aren’t too big or are creating a disturbance. Inside Florida, you can then go and apply for a rental property. The landlord or property manager is not allowed to discriminate against ESA’s or their owners under federal law, and they can get into serious trouble if they do.

You will need another separate letter from your therapist or psychiatrist again to allow your animal to live with you in a rental property. With very few exceptions, the landlord or property manager must allow you to live on the premises providing you qualify as a suitable tenant. You can’t be charged any additional fees for your pet and will only have to pay extra money if they damage the property. The owner must also provide reasonable accommodation for you and your animal and the laws regarding this are greatly in your favor.

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