Emotional Support Dog

Having an emotional support dog can do wonders for people who are experiencing chronic health problems or are deemed to be emotionally disabled. Not only can they provide someone with unconditional love and companionship, but they can also help mitigate the symptoms of the sufferer. This is good news if you have certain medical conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or insomnia, and you may be able to get one of these canines to make you feel better. These animals have been proven to aid people tremendously as they battle their bodies and if you like dogs, you should look into getting one to keep you company.

What is an Emotional Support Dog?

These are a type of emotional support animal (ESA), and their purpose is to provide someone who has a serious health problem or is emotionally disabled with companionship. Not all health problems can allow you to get an ESA, but there are still some that can. Their main reason for being approved is if getting one would help to improve at least one symptom of someone’s medical condition. These dogs don’t need any sort of formal training and providing that they’re deemed to be well-behaved in public and private settings, chances are they can be officially registered.

How Can I Get One?

Getting an ESA is as easy as getting any dog, as any dog can qualify, providing they are safe to be around and don’t cause too much disturbance. This means that the risk of them attacking someone or the chances of them making a lot of noise is extremely low, so they’re able to be in a public setting with you. They aren’t limited to specific breeds as any dog could have behavioral issues so you may be able to use your current pet if you have one.
You will be required to have an examination by a mental health professional who will access your needs for an ESA. If they conclude that you are limited due to your health problem or disability, they will issue you with an official letter stating that you require one. The grounds for being approved will mean that you have some form of psychiatric, physical, or intellectual disability which seriously inhibits your quality of life and having this type of animal would benefit you greatly.

Should I Get One of These Dogs?

If you think that you have been suffering long enough and need a change then getting this type of animal could significantly improve the way that you feel. While they don’t cure your problems, they certainly can make you feel better about what you’re going through and mitigate them. Some people can forget how much pain they’re in or how lonely they may be feeling because their pet is always around to keep them company. This can make them feel so much better because they form a close bond with their pet and this makes them worry less about what they’re going through. You also don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for an animal with special training; any canine can be used as an emotional support dog providing they meet safety and behavioral standards. So, if all of this sounds like it relates to your situation, then you should definitely look into getting one.

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