Emotional Support Animal Registration

Emotional support animal registration could be a vital step towards you and your ESA sharing a quality life together. Providing that your animal can meet the required level of social skills and behavioral standards, getting them registered could be a very simple and straightforward process for you. This could then allow you to have a better quality of life and start to enjoy the love and companionship that these animals can offer. If you want to get your ESA registered, then there are some things that you should know before doing so.

Should I Get Emotional Support Animal Registration?

This can be a crucial step towards you having your friend with you in a rental property or even accompanying you on an airplane. Under specific circumstances, your pet could live with you in a rental property without you having to pay extra for a deposit, even if the property has a no-pet rule. If you are a tenant, then this is considered to be essential for you and your pet to have a life together. Getting appropriate housing is the main problem that people with an ESA face, and having them registered can make this issue go away. For examples on how this registered animal letter should look click Here. Also, you could even look into getting special vests for your dog, which can help people to recognize that it’s more than just a pet and is in your company for a specific reason. This could alleviate the stress and difficulties you may face trying to bring it to public places.

Legal Protection and Rights

Did you know that your ESA is entitled to some rights to prevent it being discriminated against? There are three specific Acts which favor you and your pet greatly and they are the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. Both of which are used in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act to stop discrimination in all circumstances.  The first act ensures that your ESA can not be a contributing factor in your denial of a residential tenancy application. A landlord must not ask or request intimate details as to why you have an emotional support animal or regard the detailed specifics of your medical condition. In some circumstances, even some houses which don’t allow pets would have to cater for your friend because of this Act.
The second Act mentioned entitles your pet to accompany you on a commercial airliner and they could even sit in the cabin alongside you. There may be an exception to this if your animal is very large as it’s required by law that the aisles of an airplane must not be obstructed. Your pet also cannot be charged any fees for them being with you and they get to fly completely free of charge.

What Else Should I Know?

There’s a bit of confusion regarding the difference between service animals and emotional support animals. A service animal for example, doesn’t need any documentation to accompany their owner on an airplane as they are a necessity for their owner’s functionality of life. An ESA on the other hand, while still very important for the owner, does require a special certificate in order for them to board an airplane with you. They also don’t require specialized training and any domesticated creature can be registered. If you feel like this sounds like the situation you’re in, then you should look into getting an ESA or getting it registered. We are also able to help you with this and you can contact us if you need any assistance.

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