How to Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal

Do you have an emotional disability?

If so then you are qualified to have an ESA or as known as Emotional Support Animal. But you must be certified first from a psychiatrist, therapist or certified/licensed medical health professional before you could get your own ESA. The approval letter or documentation should be a formal and appropriately formatted. Through this, you will be able to choose and acquire the best animal that will provide you support and help.

As mentioned above, it is essential to get an approval first from a certified doctor. However, for instance, a cardiologist cannot provide such approval letter. Only a psychiatrist or therapist would do since they are the only certified medical practitioners who are specialist in such case – mental disorders. However there are certain departments such as airlines and property manager that accept a verification letter issued by a physician or family doctor. Thus it is important to get the proper verification letter from the right authority to avoid any hassle in the end. It is also important to understand what rights you and your companion have when out and about or even when at home

When acquiring an emotional support animal certification, there are certain things to consider. The letter itself should have the doctor’s professional’s letterhead that includes his license, license type, license number and date of issued as well as the state wherein it was first provided. Moreover, it should have the present date when it is given to the patient. This should always be updated especially if the patient is under medications while having his emotional support animal around.

  • The Letter Must Contain The Following:
  • The present condition of the patient
  • List of medications you are presently taking
  • List of major activities you are only allowed to attain every day due to your disability
  • List of options on which kind of ESA you should get
  • The letter itself should be updated and have a span of one year only (date issued of approval)

Now for you to qualify in acquiring your own emotional support animal there are certain mental disabilities to consider. If you have one or two of these disorders then better discuss it with your doctor. The most common mental disorders and disabilities are learning disorder, mental retardation, sexual disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder also known as ADD, Tic disorders, Bipolar disorder, Motor Skills disorder, Gender identity, Cognitive disorder and Alcohol and Drug related disorders.
Unlike service animals, an emotional animal support does not need any training by their handlers. They do not require special training to provide the help their handlers need. An ESA provides emotional support to the patient. They provide comfort and make the patient feel more loved and appreciated. The presence of emotional support animal is actually the major role they played.

Having an ESA around is very much beneficial not only to the patient but also to the family since it can help add up more support to their affected member. There are certain kinds of support which only an emotional support animal can provide. So if you are dealing with such mental issues or if you have a loved one affected by this, better consult your doctor for further ESA information.