Emotional Support Pet Letter

Getting an emotional support pet letter is crucial for you and your ESA to share a life together. These letters are essential in order to get an ESA and do things with them, and they can only be issued by a licensed mental health professional. There are actually three different types of letters which can be obtained, and they will all depend on what you intend on doing with your pet. The main one is the letter of approval which everyone needs in order to get an emotional support animal. The second one is for rental properties, and it will allow your pet to live with you in one. The last letter is for air travel, and it enables your loved one to fly with you on an airplane. Often getting a small pet as a companion can be beneficial due to ease of transport and continuous comfort, to see what breeds of dog fit this criteria well visit onlinedogtor.com/emotional/support/breeds.

So What Are The Emotional Support Pet Letters?

As mentioned above, there are three different types of letters for different purposes. The main one is your approval letter, and this is long-standing. The other ones can have an expiry on them but can also be valid for a while too. Let’s take a look at the different types and the specifics about them.

Letter of Approval

This document is what will state that you have been approved to get an ESA. You must have an emotional disability which then has to be verified by a licensed mental health professional. They need to come to the conclusion that getting this type of animal would significantly mitigate at least one symptom of your condition. If they believe this to be true, then they will issue you with this document prescribing you an ESA. You are then free to go and get any domesticated animal which can meet behavioural and social standards.

Letter For Housing

To live in a rental property with your ESA, you are going to need this document. The procedure of getting it is, of course, the same and must be signed off by any MHP. You can present this document with your residential tenancy application for the landlord or property manager, and they should be well aware about the process involved. You cannot be denied reasonable accommodation or asked about the extent of your condition. You also can’t be charged pet fees or a pet deposit, and your ESA needs to be accommodated free of charge. If your concerned about hair being dropped by the animal and what effects that may have on your residence then it may be beneficial to look into support vest to ease the situation.

Letter For Air Travel

The last letter permits your animal to fly with you. The airline may want to verify the authenticity of this document before letting you fly, and they are fully entitled to do so. This is why it’s a good idea to email or fax your letter to the airline over 48 hours before departure time so that they can verify it. Your animal will most likely be allowed to sit in the cabin with you if it isn’t disruptive or obstructs the aisle and you also can’t be charged any additional fees for having them. Airline staff is prohibited from asking intimate details about your condition and must accept the verified document as sufficient proof.

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