Emotional Support Letter

You need an emotional support letter if you want to be approved for an emotional support animal (ESA) or take one with you on an airplane or into a rental property to live. There are many people in the United States who are living with emotional disabilities, and a lot of them don’t seek proper treatment or are even aware that they’re living with a condition. Seeing a licensed mental health professional is the first step and doing this could even uncover a condition that you never knew you had. If this professional decides that getting an ESA would significantly improve the symptoms of your condition, then they can give you the letter of approval for you to get an animal among many different breeds. It may not stop there, though, because you may want to take your ESA with you into a rental property to live with you or perhaps onto a domestic flight. If so, so will also need different documents for these purposes too. If you already have the letter from a professional then click Here to see more about what animal may suit you best.

What is an Emotional Support Letter?

There are three types of letters which you can get, and they are all for different reasons. As mentioned before, they are in regards to either your initial approval for an ESA, the ability to have one live in a rental property with you, and to enable you to take one on a domestic flight. There is a similar process involved with getting these, and they all involve seeing a licensed mental health professional or using our services for a potentially faster turnaround time. Let’s take a look at the three different types of letters and what they are for. Once certified an emotional support pet can wear an orange or red vest to show their support status.

The Letter of Approval

The main ESA document is the letter of approval which is written by a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or therapist. Providing you have a verifiable emotional disability, you could go and see one or take our online assessment, and your condition will be looked at to see your suitability for an ESA. If this professional strongly thinks that getting an ESA will significantly improve at least one symptom of your condition, then they can give you your letter of approval. The most common ESA’s are service dogs, but the professional will determine which animal would be most beneficial to you and your condition. Once you have this, you can go and get an ESA and also be eligible to get the other two types of documents.

Letter for Housing

The letter for housing allows your ESA to live with you in a rental property. The landlord or property manager must provide reasonable accommodation for you and your animal, and they can’t charge you for a pet deposit. You can be charged if your pet causes damage to the property, though, so you should be wary of this. The Fair Housing Act protects your rights here, and a property manager or landlord can face serious consequences if they break the federal laws outlined in the Act.

Letter for Flying

The Aircraft Carrier Access Act entitles you and your pet to fly together providing you have the appropriate letter. The airliner has to accommodate you, and in most cases, you can both can sit together in the cabin. Many ESA’s fly with their owners because of anxiety and dogs are the most frequent flyer. Once you have the letter for this, you can present it upon boarding, and your animal and you will be accommodated. It’s is easier than you think to get your ESA fly worthy, click Here to see how it’s done.

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