Emotional Support Dog Licence

An emotional support dog licence is imperative in order to do certain things with an ESA dog. The owner of an ESA’s quality of life is directly dependent on being able to live and enjoy a comfortable life with their beloved companion. Anything which can obstruct or prohibit their way of life and lead to detrimental consequences for their livelihood and well-being. This is why getting the right licences for ESA dogs are essential and could come in handy when it comes to doing things. There are technically three different types of licences that can be obtained, and they must all be issued by a licenced mental health professional. Each of these may have to be presented at some point to verify that your animal has legitimately been prescribed to you and the process of getting this is also very simple and straightforward. For examples of what these letters generally look like visit or template page on onlinedogtor.com/lettertemplate/.

What’s an Emotional Support Dog Licence?

As mentioned before, there are three different types of the licences, each with their own laws and rules, but with our help are possible to get. The first one is the actual letter of approval which permits someone to get an animal for the purpose of emotional support. The other two are in relation to air travel and living together in a rental property. Obviously, without the first one, the other two are not obtainable. Let’s take a look at the difference between all three types and what the requirements are.


The letter of approval is what enables someone to get an ESA, and only a mental health professional can issue them. You must have an emotional disability which could even include conditions such as stress or anxiety, and this disability must be verifiable. The MHP will have to analyze your condition during a consultation to see if getting one of these animals would be of significant benefit to your health. If they believe that an ESA would have a significant result in mitigating at least one of the symptoms of your condition, then they can sign off on this letter which will permit you to get an ESA.

Rental Property

To get a rental letter for your furry friend all you need is the above mentioned paperwork to prove that your ESA is legitimate. This rental letter will state that your ESA is necessary for your health and well-being and that living in a dwelling with you is of the utmost importance. A property manager or landlord can’t discriminate against disabled people, and you and your animal will have to be provided with reasonable accommodation. You can’t be asked intimate details or about the extent of your condition and this document must be considered as admissible providing it can be verified.

Air Travel

If you want to take your loved one on a flight with you, then this document is what you will require. Airlines are prohibited from refusing service to disabled people and also can’t ask about the extent of your condition. You may have to supply this document with advanced notice so that the airline can verify its authenticity. This is because while an airline can’t refuse service as just mentioned, it also has no obligation to accept this letter without knowing that it was issued by a mental health professional first.

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