Emotional Support Dog Harness

You can get an emotional support dog harness to secure your loved one or perhaps identify them as a support animal. There are many benefits associated with getting a harness for your ESA and it could also make your life a whole lot easier too. Many owners may now be opting to use a harness because of the practicality that they offer and you could join them. Using one can make walking your dog much easier and you can also get ones which have special labels which can help people recognize that your pooch is more than just a pet. Don’t think of these special labels as drawing attention to your condition either, they can simply say “support” on it and they in no way tell people that you have a disability. There are a range of vests and harnesses that are sold all across the US, from Florida right over to California, you will easily be able to find one that suits you and your ESA.

What is an Emotional Support Dog Harness?

This type of harness is for emotional support dogs, and they are like most dog harnesses but usually with a few extra features. They’re mostly orange or red so that they stand out, and of course have a loop so that you can attach a lead and walk your canine. It can also have a Velcro section to apply stick-on labels as mentioned before or they can also come with a label permanently fixed onto it. Some models also have transparent pockets to put in an ID card for your canine into, which saves you having to carry your certificate everywhere you go.

How Are They Beneficial?

These harnesses allow you to have more control over your dog when you are walking them because you can attach a lead to them. They are also very handy because some can come with storage pockets as well. One of the most popular features is getting a label for it so that people can see that your animal is with you for a very specific reason. This can help alleviate some problems that you may otherwise encounter if your pooch wasn’t wearing this vest. Quite often, people are tempted to pet strange dogs too, and you may not want people coming up to your ESA all the time, especially when you are just trying to get from one place to another.

Should I Get One?

As an emotional support animal doesn’t need any specialized training they can be mistaken for just a pet, so these harnesses can greatly aid in making your life a lot easier and they’re very practical. The features that they can have are multi-purpose so you could walk your dog while having them carry something important or just making it clear that they are a support animal. Many ESA owners are now starting to see the benefits of these vests are they’re becoming very popular. You too could get one and you may be able to see how much easier your life could be with one. They are especially great if your dog likes to wander off a bit while walking, as you could just get a short lead and keep them close to you at all times. There are also vests that are available on a similar design basis. They are also very comfortable for canines too and most dogs get used to wearing them very quickly.

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