Emotional Support Dog Certificate

You need an emotional support dog certificate for your pooch if you want to have your emotional support animal in your life. It’s vital for someone suffering from an emotional disability to have their ESA live with them, and it only causes more pain and suffering if they don’t. Not only could someone’s condition get progressively worse, but it can also lower their quality of life and potentially lead to more health problems further down the track. This is why you need to get the right certificate so that your animal can live in a rental property with you or travel on an airplane.

What is an Emotional Support Dog Certificate?

Technically, there are three different types of certifications that you could obtain regarding emotional support dogs. One of them is the approval for getting an ESA, and the other two are for the purposes of air travel and living in rental properties. Let’s take a look at each one and what they entail.

Emotional Support Animal Letter

This is the letter that you will receive in regards to your approval for an ESA. In order to get this, you must have a verifiable disability and be assessed by a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or a therapist. If they conclude that getting an ESA would greatly mitigate at least one of the symptoms of your disability, then they will issue you with a letter of approval. This letter will state that you are their patient and their assessment of you concludes that getting an ESA would be a significant benefit to your condition thus allowing you to register for one.

ESA Letter for Housing

The Fair Housing Act stipulates that these animals and their owners cannot be discriminated against when it comes to rental properties. This law is taken very seriously, and the landlord or property manager must make reasonable accommodation for an ESA and their owner as long as the correct paperwork has been presented. You cannot be charged any additional fees such as a pet deposit, but you can be charged if your animal damages the property. There is also an exception where if in the event there is a housing block with four or fewer units and the landlord lives in one of them; they don’t have to abide by this act. This letter is also obtained from a mental health professional, or we can organize it for you too.

ESA Letter for Air Travel

If you want your beloved pooch to travel with you on an airplane, then you can get a certificate for that too. This certificate is covered by The Aircraft Carrier Access Act, and it stipulates that disabled people are not to be discriminated against on an airplane and must be accommodated. Your animal will need a letter of approval, also issued by a mental health professional or organized for you by us. The airline won’t be allowed to charge any additional fees for the animal flying, and it may be allowed to accompany you in the cabin as long as it doesn’t cause a disturbance or obstruct the aisle.

If you are still unsure of what these letters are or just want more information then click Here to see some template examples that we have prepared to make sure you are on the right path. It is a very simple process so you don’t need to be concerned, we are able to help you every step of the way.

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