Emotional Support Animal Vest

Getting an emotional support animal vest can help your ESA stand out more and let people know that your animal is more than a pet. Life can be challenging for ESA owners, especially when trying to get around in public and taking their animal to different places. Having a specialized vest can help to reduce the burden that can sometimes come with taking your friend around and allow people to understand that it’s with you for a reason.

What Are They?

These vests are similar to the orange or red colored support dog vests that you may see, and they help people to identify that the animal is with you for a specific reason. You can get them embroidered or have stick-on labels for them that can say “support”, “support animal” or something similar. You could also attach a lead to them and walk your dog around while they are still wearing their vest. If you have existing clothes you wish to have the support label on it a patch can be purchased as well.

The Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal Vest

The benefits of ESA vests really accentuate the need for them. Some people don’t like to bring attention to their disability and think of the vest as a big indicator that somethings wrong with them. Others can see the difference when their dogs are wearing them and notice how much easier day to day activities in public are. Without wearing the vest, some owners have people constantly coming up to their ESA to pet it and take pictures. This can be unsettling for some, so reducing this happening is really beneficial for them.
The vests can also come in handy when trying to walk through public places. People will be able to see that the animal is there for a specific reason and can move out of your way and let you pass. They are also far less inclined to pet your ESA because they can recognize that it’s not just a pet to you and think that maybe they should leave you in peace. You also may be able to have your pet close-by at outdoor cafes or restaurants, and someone could be less judgmental about the presence of it or any noise that it may make without you needing to produce any documentation to justify your presence making for a far less stressful scenario.

Should I Get One of These Vests?

These vests can really help mitigate some of the problems that ESA owners experience when out in public. Even something as simple as walking through a shopping centre can draw unwanted attention from someone who may think that you have a sense of entitlement and take your ESA wherever you want. If it was wearing a vest with patches on them, people will see that it’s with you for a reason and they can get a better understanding as to why you are taking it with you.
If you have experienced some of these problems before, then getting an emotional support animal vest could exacerbate it for you and allow you to live your life more stress-free. Having to go out in public can be challenging enough for some, so why make it harder without having a vest?
If you are looking to get a vest in the hope of making training easier then you may find that a harness is more suited to your needs.

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