Emotional Support Animal Training

Looking for emotional support animal training? Well, look no further, because we have all the information you need regarding the training of ESA’s and the requirements that are needed. There are certain laws put in place to protect these animals and their owners from discrimination and specific criteria that must be met in order to get an ESA. If you don’t meet this criteria, you won’t be eligible to get one. If your pet doesn’t meet this criteria, then they can’t be registered or considered as one. There is often some misconception surrounding what training an ESA is required to undergo, so let’s take a look at exactly what you need to do.

Does My ESA Need Emotional Support Animal Training?

There is no requirement for an emotional support animal to undergo any form of training in order to be approved. This is because they’re a very different to a service animal and they do not have any specific tasks they need to do for their owner. A service animal requires training because their purpose is to do something for their owner that their owner is incapable of doing such as pushing or pulling a wheelchair. Because their primary purpose is to be a companion animal, they are therefore not considered to be a service animal. This means they don’t require any training, but they must meet behavior and social standards. If they are aggressive, disruptive, or a danger to anyone or anything, then chances of that pet being approved to be an ESA are extremely slim.

So What Can I Do?

As long as your pet is socially and behaviorally stable, then you shouldn’t have any problem. Any domesticated animal can be an ESA and people have rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, mice, and all sorts of creatures to provide them with companionship. So long as you have your approval letter from a mental health professional with their recommendation that you get one, you can get any animal which meets these guidelines. Dogs are by far the most common used for this purpose followed by cats. There is no restriction on the size or breed that an ESA has to be and they are judged on their behavior and social skills.

Where Do I Go From Here?

If you are looking into emotional support animal training, chances are you already have your approval letter for getting an ESA, and you want to know more about the requirements from your pet. The process of getting one of these is simple because you can choose any one that is domesticated. You then would have to look into getting them registered or perhaps getting a letter of approval for them to live in a rental property with you or to accompany you on an airplane. There are laws in place to prevent disabled owners and their pets from being discriminated against when it comes to airplanes and rental properties, and you can get a letter of approval to make your life easier when it comes to those things. If you need any assistance getting the required documentation for your needs, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you. A common decision that owners of ESA’s make is to get a vest or harness fitted with a patch to signify to the public that the animal has a purpose and isn’t to be bothered with strokes or other interactive contact.

Where Can I Go With An ESA?

With the correct certificate you and your emotional support animal can go anywhere. Some extra rules may apply state by state but law changes allow ESAs into most places. Check state information for more details; Florida, California, Iowa and Texas.