Emotional Support Animal Prescription

Getting an emotional support animal prescription can seem like a daunting process, and you may not know where to begin. Many people in America are living with emotional disabilities, and the prospect of getting an ESA is becoming a lot more common in today’s times. An emotional disability can be classified as a condition that is psychological or mental and can extend to chronic health ailments such as insomnia, depression, stress, and anxiety. If you’re suffering from a condition like these, then it could be beneficial for you to go and see a mental health professional for a proper assessment. You could then be approved to get an emotional support animal which could significantly aid in mitigating the symptoms of your condition.

How Do I Get A Prescription?

First of all, you must have a verifiable disability in order to make you eligible for an ESA. As mentioned before, there are a few requirements, it could be something mental or psychological and can also include conditions such as anxiety and stress. You will need to book an appointment with a mental health professional in order to first be considered for an ESA. They will assess your condition using an ESA form and see how your symptoms affect your everyday life. If it’s evident that the presence and company that an animal would significantly improve at least one of your symptoms, then you can be given a prescription letter for an emotional support animal as a form of treatment, issuing you an ESA certificate.

What Benefits Do These Animals Provide?

These are known as companion animals, and as the name implies, their purpose is to provide companionship. For someone who is suffering from a specific medical condition, the mere presence of this animal can result in an increased mood and an improvement in the quality of their life. In addition, they can also form a strong bond and experience love and affection from their animal which can help a person to forget or worry less about their symptoms. These animals are particularly popular with people who are suffering from depression and the most common ESA that is used for this condition is a dog. Any domesticated animal can become an ESA providing they don’t have behavioural or social problems, but canines are the most common and a Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds are great dogs for people who have depression.

So What Do I Do Now?

If you haven’t booked your appointment yet, you need to get on that soon. If you don’t know where to begin, we can arrange something for you through our extensive referral network, or you could also take our online medical exam too. Once you obtain your prescription, you might need to look into additional documentation should you want your ESA to go on an airplane or accompany you to live in a rental property. Both these things require two different certificates which can be issued by your mental health professional, or we could arrange them for you too in an expedited service. So, don’t let your condition get worse, even if you think you may have the early onset for something and go and get yourself checked out. You are also more than welcome to contact us should you have any questions or need assistance regarding getting an ESA.

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