Emotional Support Animal Letter of Prescription

Getting an emotional support animal letter of prescription can be vital to your well-being and improving the quality of your life. There are many people who suffer from mental or psychiatric disabilities, and also chronic depression, stress, and anxiety who feel like they can’t find a way to relieve their symptoms. Emotional support animals (ESA’s) have been used for the treatment of these health ailments for some time now and are starting to become more socially accepted. The problem is, not many people who are suffering even know of the existence of these ESA’s, and if they do, they don’t know how to go about getting one.

How Do I Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter of Prescription?

In order to get this letter, you must first have a legally verifiable disability. If you do, you can then and see a licensed mental health professional, who can be a therapist or a psychiatrist. They will evaluate your condition to see if getting an ESA would aid in significantly mitigating the symptoms of your condition. If they believe that this animal will benefit you in this way, they will then issue you with an emotional support animal letter of prescription. You most likely will not be able to go and see your local GP at the doctor’s office, as they probably won’t be a mental health professional. You are welcome to contact us if you require assistance in finding a suitable professional to evaluate you, or you can even try our online medical exam.

What Do I Do Next?

Once you got your letter, you can go and get an animal if you don’t have one already. Any domesticated creature can be an ESA, and they require no formal or specialized training. They must, however, meet social and behavioural standards, which means that they do not pose a threat or nuisance to anyone or anything and they must be in your complete control at all times. You can then contact us, and we can help you with getting your animal registered.
If you want to apply for a rental property with your ESA or if you’re currently living in one and want to bring them to live with you there, you will need to get a separate certificate, a letter for housing which can enable you to do so. We can also organize this for you when you contact us making it very easy to acquire a landlord letter. The Fair Housing Act allows your ESA to live with you in a rental property, and the landlord is not allowed to deny your application due to your animal unless in very specific circumstances. If there is a rental property in a block with four or fewer units, and the landlord happens to live in one of them, then they do not have to approve your application.
It is also possible to take your ESA on a flight with you provided you acquire another letter allowing you to do so. If the ESA is small enough and the airline allows it you may even be able to keep the animal in the cabin with you for the duration of the flight.
We know how hard it can be for people trying to get an ESA and the approval letter required to get one. You can be sure that our years of expertise and experience enable us to do the hard work for you to make your life easier. Should you require any assistance or need some specific information relating to your circumstances, then please get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help.

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