Emotional Support Animal Harness

An emotional support animal harness can really help you and your ESA get around a lot easier. With the use of emotional support animals on the rise, having the right equipment is essential to make your life easier. If you have one of these animals, then you should be well aware of the daily challenges that you can face when you take them out in public. Sometimes, your ESA can get a lot of unwanted attention because members of the public are constantly coming up to it to pet it. Other times, your ESA may decide to go for a bit of a wander and venture too far away from you. By utilizing this type of harness, those problems could completely disappear and relieve a lot of stress that you may have been experiencing as a result of them.

What is an Emotional Support Harness?

This type of harness is for emotional support animals, and they look similar to a typical harness you will see on other animals. The difference with these ones is that there are a few extra features which make them stand out more. These features can include reflective safety bands, a control handle, welded D-ring to attach a leash, reflective patches, adjustable straps, and even a sleeve to put an ID tag into. You can also get a patch saying ‘support animal’ on it to sew onto any existing animals clothes you have. As ESA’s don’t require any formal training to get the job, so to speak, a harness can often help owners to train their animal personally.

How Are They Useful?

If your animal likes to wander a bit when you are out with them in public, then this type of harnesses are going to be better than an animal vest due to the extra bands and handle. Even if they don’t, the practicality that these harnesses offer is simply amazing. The control handle allows you to slow your animal down if they’re going too fast and can help keep them still as well. They come with a loop so you can attach a lead which can make walking a breeze. The reflective straps are an added safety feature, and the patches can simply say something like “support animal” which is great because that still doesn’t identify you as disabled.

Should I Get One?

Having an emotional disability is a challenge to live with, and it doesn’t need to be any harder. You need to do everything that you can to make your life easier and reduce the amount of stress and problems that you may experience. Getting this device can be one of these stress relievers because of the aforementioned features, and they really help with the little problems too. Something as simple as your animal getting distracted for one second and deciding to venture off can be prevented by you either holding the control handle or a lead which you have attached to the harness. The patches can identify your ESA as a support animal so people will be able to see that it’s more than just a pet to you and can decide not to pet it as a result.
The benefits that these devices offer are truly remarkable, and many ESA owners could think that they were crazy to go about their day to day activities without one. You too can join the club and start enjoying the benefits and see the difference that a harness can offer.

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