Emotional Support Animal Documentation

Emotional support animal documentation can help you and your ESA live together easier and improve your quality of life. It can be challenging to live with an emotional disability and getting an ESA is supposed to help alleviate the symptoms of your condition. But when you encounter some problems along the way it can make life with your animal increasingly difficult to maintain. Instances such as applying for rental properties or wanting to take your buddy onto a flight can be a burden and require documentation to do so. Even getting the required letter of approval to be permitted to have an ESA can be a stressful situation for some, so it’s important that you don’t feel alone if you are in these situations.

What is The Emotional Support Animal Documentation?

There are numerous forms of documents which are required when you have an ESA, and they will depend on what you plan on doing. The main one is the initial letter of approval for getting this type of animal, and it will be required to get the other two. The other types are for rental properties and air travel. All letters must be signed and issued by a licensed mental health professional after they have a consultation with you and assess your condition.

How Can I Get Them?

As mentioned before, there are three types of documents that you can obtain. Each of these are for different requirements and will enable you to do different things. Let’s take a look at them, what they entail, and how you can obtain them from a mental health professional.

The Letter of Approval

This is the letter that everyone must obtain in order to get an emotional support animal. You must have a verifiable emotional disability which a mental health professional will sign off on. They will assess your condition to see if getting an ESA would have a significant impact with improving at least one of the symptoms of your condition. If their judgment believes this to be true, they will then issue you with this letter which entitles you to go and get an animal for the purposes of emotional support.

The Letter For Housing

In order to live with your ESA, you’re going to need this letter. It will stop a landlord or property manager from discriminating against you and entitle your animal to live with you in a rental property. If there is a no pet’s policy, it must be waived, and you also can’t be charged a pet deposit or pet fees. You can be charged if your animal cause’s damage to the property and it may be evicted too as a result.

The Letter For Air Travel

With this letter, you can take your ESA onto a flight, and they may even be able to sit in the cabin with you too. You cannot be asked about the extent of your disability, and an airline cannot refuse service to a disabled person under The Aircraft Carrier Access Act. You may have to provide advanced notice to the airline about your flight in case they want to verify your letter of approval before you board with your animal.

We have letter samples for those who need help contacting their landlord or airline. The basis of the letters are pretty much the same wherever you may be, it doesn’t matter if your in Florida, California, Iowa or Texas. These documents will be valid across the whole of the US and are an official form of licensing.

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