Emotional Service Dog Letter

An emotional service dog letter can go a long way to helping you and your ESA live an enjoyable life together. If you want to get them officially registered or perhaps take them to live in a rental property with you or on an airplane, then there are different letters which will be required. Living with an emotional disability can be very challenging, and the last thing an ESA owner needs is to be separated from their beloved companion. With the right letter, you and your canine can live a mostly carefree life alongside each other and work on improving your health. An animal vest can be a great asset to help show those around you that your animal is an ESA but a letter will confirm that to any official departments that may need proof.

What is an Emotional Service Dog Letter?

There are three different types of dog certifications that you can obtain, and they will depend on what you plan on doing with your pooch. The first one is the actual letter of approval to qualify for an emotional support animal. The others are in relation to taking one on a flight with you and living in a rental property. If any of these situations sound applicable to you, then read on to know what is required in each one. All of these letters must be issued by a licensed mental health professional, and we can also arrange for them to be done for you too if you wish to contact us about doing so. Alternatively if you think an animal other than a dog would be more suited to your requirements then you can still get an animal letter for whatever species you may need.


This is the letter you will need in order to be eligible to get an ESA. You must have a verifiable emotional disability which can include conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. You must then have an assessment with this professional, and they will analyze your condition. If they conclude that getting an ESA would have a significant impact in reducing one or more of the symptoms of your condition, then they can issue you with a document stating that getting this type of animal would be of great importance for your health and well-being.


If you want to live with your dog in a rental property, then you need to obtain this. It will waive a rental properties policy on no pets if it has one and you also cannot be charged a deposit for your pet. The property manager or landlord must provide reasonable accommodation for you and your canine, and this may include making alterations to the property to suit your needs. They are prohibited from asking about the extent of your condition and must accept the letter as proof.

Air Travel

Flying on an airplane with your pooch is a possibility with this letter. It will enable your dog to fly with you and possibly accompany you in the cabin too. Airliners know all about these types of animals, and they have strict laws to uphold in regards to the discrimination of disabled passengers. They cannot refuse service to a disabled person or ask about the extent of your condition either. You can submit this document to the airline at least 48 hours before your departure time in case the airline wants to verify its authenticity.

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