Emotional Service Dog Certification

An animal vest is a fabulous way to show those in public that your ESA is for a service and isn’t to be bothered or approached however in more official circumstances it may not be sufficient to prove the need of one. An emotional service dog certification can really help you and your loved one out through some otherwise stressful situations. If you have an emotional disability and are looking into getting certified to have an emotional support animal or if you already have an ESA and want to get them certified then you need to know the process involved with doing this. There are actually three different types of certifications which are all for different purposes, and you will most definitely need one of them to get the other two. It is always good to have the right documentation with you for whatever situation may arise, so let’s take a look at exactly what these three types are and what’s involved in getting them.

The Letter of Approval

Before you can get registered for an emotional service dog certification, you must first be approved to get an emotional support animal. In order to do this, you must first have an emotional disability. The definition of this covers mental and psychiatric disabilities and can include chronic conditions such as stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. If you do have a condition like this or are unsure and want to find out you will need to go and visit a licensed mental health professional. Your local doctor is most likely not one of these as they are different professions and qualifications so your best bet would be to see a therapist or psychiatrist.
They will then evaluate you and your condition to see if getting an ESA would aid in mitigating at least one of the symptoms of your condition. If they conclude that it will, then they will issue you with a letter of approval allowing you to get an ESA. Once you have this letter, you are then able to get an animal and the other certifications. Certified emotional service dogs can get an animal vest to clearly show the are a service animal, the vests are usually red or orange so that they stand out.

Certified Travel Letter

This is a certification which allows your ESA to travel with you on an airplane. It is also issued by a mental health professional, and we can organize it for you too. Your animal would be able to accompany you on a flight and even sit you within the cabin if it isn’t too big and doesn’t obstruct the aisle. Airliners know all about these animals, and federal law states that people with disabilities and their support animals must be accommodated without any additional fees added for the animal.

Certified Rental Letter

The last type of certification is for people who want their ESA to live with them in a rental property. You can present this letter with your application, and the landlord or property manager has to make reasonable accommodation for you. This is regardless if there is a no pets policy for the property and they also can’t charge you a pet deposit either. There are strict laws protecting people and their ESA’s when it comes to rental properties, and this certification will go a long way to preventing discrimination against you. These letters are also obtained through a mental health professional, and we can also organize it for you too should you require any assistance.