Emotional Service Animal Vest

An emotional service animal vest could vastly improve your quality of life and make your day to day activities with your registered emotional support animal a lot easier. These vests are great for ESA’s and they are also designed in a way that doesn’t draw negative attention to you. These vests look similar to your standard type that you may have seen other dogs wearing but they have a few distinguishable features that make them different. Not only are they very practical, they’re also very affordable too. So affordable that they can be as cheap as a normal dog vest and range higher for models with more features.

What is an Emotional Service Animal Vest?

These vests are for emotional support animals to wear and they are usually red or orange in color. This is because they need to stand out a bit to get noticed by other people but they don’t let everyone know that you have a disability. Some of them can come with a label already attached to it saying “support” or “support animal” or the label can come separately in stick-on form too. You may think of this label as something which identifies you as being disabled, but it can actually have the opposite effect.

What Are The Benefits of it?

The benefits associated with this vest can really make your life easier when you are out in public. If your ESA is wearing one with the “support animal” label on it then people can see that your animal is more than just a pet without having to show your ESA letter. This term can be quite broad and people aren’t entitled to ask you intimate details about why this animal is providing you with support and the vast majority will leave you and your pet alone when they read it. This is particularly great for ESA owners whose companions often get unwanted attention and have individuals coming up to pet them frequently. These vests can also come with a loop for a lead so you can attach one and take your animal walking. There can also be pockets attached to them so you could carry your companion animals ID or necessary documents inside them should you require their usage.

Should I Get One?

As mentioned before, not only are they practical, they also cause an effect with other individuals too. If you just want to walk your animal through a public place without people coming up to pet it then these vests are a great option for you and your certified animal. Not only that, but the ability to add a lead and store things on the vest too just adds to its value. It’s not like they have the word “disabled” on them either, so people don’t even have to know that you have a medical condition. It’s this level of discreetness in addition to its practicality that makes these vests so great. If you’re now thinking about getting one; don’t hesitate. You could see an almost immediate difference once your ESA starts wearing it and the value is incredible. Remember that this is not an official certificate of your companionship so make sure to obtain a letter to prove the requirement of your ESA.