Emotional Service Animal Letter

The emotional service animal letter is necessary for someone and their ESA to enjoy a quality life together and work on improving the person’s condition whether it be a dog or any other species of ESA. An emotional support animal is prescribed to someone with an emotional disability by a mental health professional, and they are a therapeutic form of treatment. Their presence and companionship can help to mitigate the symptoms of their condition and aid in significantly improving their quality of life. Without these animals, many people across America would still feel completely helpless as their condition progressively got worse. This is why the medical industry is starting to really pay attention to the use of these animals and recognize just how effective they can be. If you are suffering from an emotional disability or even think that you may be, then read on to learn more about getting an ESA and the process involved with certifying one.

What is an Emotional Service Animal Letter?

This letter is for people who have or want to get an ESA. There are three different types of letters, and they must all be issued by a registered mental health professional. Depending on someone’s needs and requirements, these documents will be in regards to the initial registration, a letter for housing, and a letter for air travel. Let’s take a look at these letters and the specifics involved with getting them.

The Letter of Approval

This is the letter that you must obtain in order to be eligible for an ESA. As mentioned before, they can only be issued by a mental health professional so you must book an appointment with one. They will perform an assessment on your condition to see if getting an ESA would result in a significant improvement in one or more of your symptoms. If they believe that it will, then they can issue you with the ESA letter of approval.

Letter For Housing

Living in a rented property with your ESA will require this document. It will permit them to live with you even if there is a no pet’s policy on the property. You also cannot be charged for a pet deposit, and the property manager or landlord will have to make reasonable accommodation for you. This means that if alterations need to be made to the property to accommodate you and your animal, then they must do so. They must accept this document if it can be verified and not ask you about the extent of your condition.

Letter For Air Travel

If you want to take your loved one on a plane with you, then this document will be necessary and a vest is a logical addition to make things easier and simpler. It will state that you have a condition and that your ESA being with you is crucial for mitigating its symptoms. The airline may want to verify its authenticity so it can be a good idea to show it to them at least 48 hours before the due departure time. They also must accommodate a disabled person, and your animal could be permitted to be with you in the cabin too if it isn’t too large.