Emotional Companion

Having an emotional companion can be imperative for some people and improve their quality of life exponentially. An emotional companion is commonly known as an emotional support animal (ESA), and they are used to provide a form of therapeutic treatment to people with emotional disabilities. These types of disabilities can include mental and psychiatric ones in addition to chronic conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Someone who is suffering from these health ailments may be eligible to get an ESA and improve their condition. There is a small list of criteria that must be met, though, so let’s take a look at the process involved in getting one. Visit onlinedogtor.com/emotional/pet/ to see if an ESA is right for you.

How To Get an Emotional Companion

As mentioned before, these animals are for people with emotional disabilities, and their purpose is to provide companionship. The company that the animal provides can help their owner feel better about their condition and cause a reduction in their symptoms. If you have or think you have this type of disability, then booking an appointment with a licensed mental health professional is essential. This professional will then analyze you and your condition to see if getting an ESA would have significant positive effects on the symptoms of your condition. If so, then they can issue you with an official letter of approval which will state that you’re their patient and their evaluation justifies your need for this type of animal. A fan of dogs? Click Here to get more information about support dogs.

What Do I Do Next?

Once you have the animal letter of approval, you are free to go and get any domesticated animal to be your ESA. You are not limited to the size, weight, or breed of animal, and they must instead meet social and behavioral standards. This means that they’re well-behaved and don’t have any issues being around people or other creatures. There is also no formal training or specialized skills required for these emotional companions as their primary purpose is to provide companionship. You can then look into registering them or obtaining approval letters for rental properties or air travel.

What Are These Approval Letters?

These letters will entitle your animal, whether it be a dog, cat or other furry friend, to live with you in a rental property or accompany you onto an airplane. Both letters must be issued by a mental health professional, and they’re completely separate from each other. The rental document means that a property manager or landlord needs to approve your application even if they have a no pet’s policy and must provide reasonable accommodation. There is a rare exception to this rule, and it’s when there is a block of four or fewer units, and the landlord or property manager lives in one of them. In this case; they don’t have to approve you. The same goes if they own less than three single-family dwellings where a property broker or real estate agent hasn’t been used. The air travel letter allows your ESA to fly with you and the airline can’t refuse a disabled person service. In both situations, you can’t be charged any additional fees because of your animal, and you cannot be asked about the extent of your condition.