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3 Major Step: How to get ESA letter for Housing!

Do you know that your best friend can live in the same apartment as you? If your answer is no then this blog is for you. According to the Fair Housing Act, your ESA can live with you without paying any extra rent. ESA is not considered a pet. There is also not a service animal.ESA is a special type of assistance animal that is protected & granted housing access by the Law of USA. This act says that ESA has a right to live with their owners in a no-pet apartment, co-ops, condos in entire America.

Continue reading this blog if you want to know how to let your House owner know that your pet is an official Emotional Support animal, keep reading below!!!!!


Step 1– Learn About Emotional Support Animals and ESA Letters

 An ESA is an animal that is trained to provide an emotional or mentally disabled individual with the love & support that is required to live a normal healthy life. An ESA can be any animal as long as having the animal doesn’t violate local or state law. To get an ESA certificate you must have an emotional or mental disability that is lined with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5).

Step 2 – Understand ESA Housing Laws

We have discussed earlier that as per the Fair housing act an ESA gets a right to live with you. If it is a ‘no pet’ Building or society. The key to keeping your pet with you is to get an ESA from a licensed mental health professional. Your Landlord must ask for ESA before giving you the rental unit. So if you’re moving into a rental apartment or buying one then apply the ESA housing certificate now. You can visit an online doctor for an ESA certificate.

Step 3– Informing The Landlord You Have an ESA

You have to inform that you are having ESA has it will not come in his/her dream that you have already taken an ESA. You can give an ESA letter to your landlord before signing the lease. You’re not required to inform your landlord before signing the lease agreement.

If you have some mental disability & you need an ESA then don’t worry it is a quite easy procedure. Many sites help you to provide ESA certification. You can visit onlinedogtor.com for further information.


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