Emotional Support Animal Rights

Knowing the emotional support animal rights is a must if you have an ESA and they may come in handy for you one day. Living with an emotional disability can be tough, especially if you feel like you are going through it alone. This is one of the main reasons why people decide to get these types of animals and the last thing they need afterward is to be discriminated against. ESA’s are supposed to provide therapeutic relief to their owners and going through tough times trying to find a rental property with their animal or taking them on an airplane shouldn’t be made more difficult than it already is. If these people were to know their rights, then there’s a lot of potential situations that could be avoided.

So What Are The Emotional Support Animal Rights?

There are two main things that you can do with your ESA, and there are strict laws that protect your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Getting a lease for a rental property or taking your pet on an airplane are where you’re going to encounter most of your problems, but also where you’re most protected. With the use of a certified letters of approval for both circumstances you don’t need to be concerned by any issues that may arise. For examples of what these letters should be like click Here. Let’s take a look at the two Acts regarding these and what your rights are.

The Fair Housing Act

Providing you have an approval letter for a mental health professional stating that your ESA living with you is vital to your well-being, then you can go and apply for a rental property. Landlords and property managers must make reasonable accommodation for people with ESA’s, even if they have a no pet’s policy. If they state that only cats are allowed, and you have a dog, they need to allow your canine to live with you. If they say that only animals weighing under 30 pounds can live in the property and your pooch weighs 90 pounds, then they still need to allow them to live there. No limitations are set to the weight, breed, or size of your animal, and they can only be denied if it is posing a threat to other people and is considered to be a dangerous animal.
There is a special exception to approving your application though, and the circumstances can sometimes be rare. A property manager or landlord doesn’t have to approve you if the property is part of four or fewer units and they happen to live in one of them. This also includes single-family dwellings that are rented or sold without a real estate agent or broker. You can be asked for the letter of approval regarding your ESA’s right to live there, but you cannot be asked about the extent of your disability or for personal medical records.

The Aircraft Carrier Access Act

This Act was passed in 1990 and prevents the discrimination of disabled people via air travel. You will need a separate letter of approval to take your animal on a flight with you and the airline has to accommodate you. An airline can’t refuse a disabled person transportation but they may require you to give advanced notice if you have a wheelchair or medical equipment for example. You cannot be asked about the extent of your disability and you can sit anywhere with your pet if they don’t obstruct the aisle. You also can’t be charged any additional fees for having your animal with you, and they will get to fly for free.

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