Emotional Support Animal Letter Housing

The emotional support animal letter for housing is essential if you want your ESA to live with you in a rental property. Getting this letter is imperative to your well-being and quality of life and being able to live with your ESA is necessary for your health. Any time spent away from your loved one can cause you stress and anguish, so you need to eliminate the possibility of that happening. By getting this document, you are on your first step towards living with your pet and sharing your life with them. If you need this letter, then read on to learn about the requirements involved with getting it.

What is The Emotional Support Animal Letter for Housing?

This letter is an official certificate which will state that your ESA is necessary for your health and that they should live with you. You can then present this letter of approval with a residential tenancy application for the landlord or property manager to see. They should be well aware of what this document means, they can get into serious trouble if they violate any laws in regards to ESA’s and their owners?

What Laws Protect Me?

The Fair Housing Act was amended to include emotional support animal ADA’s and their owners from being discriminated against when it comes to rental properties. So long as you have the letter of approval for housing, the property manager or landlord will have to make reasonable accommodation for you and your pet. They cannot refuse your application because you have an animal and you can’t be charged a pet deposit. You can be charged if your animal causes damage to the property though and they will then have the power to evict the animal and possibly you.
There are some exceptions to this rule, however. If there are four or fewer units in a block and the landlord or property manager happens to live in one of them, then they do not have to approve your application. The same goes for landlords who own three or less single-family homes rented or sold without the use of a real estate agent or broker. The last exception is in the rare case where there is housing owned by private clubs or organizations which have limited their occupancy to members.

How Do I Get It?

To get this letter, you must visit a mental health professional. It doesn’t have to be the same one who gave you your initial ESA letter of approval, and it can be any licensed one. They can, if you meet the requirements, then issue you with the letter for housing which you can then present upon your application. The letter will state that you are their patient and currently in their care and they suggest that your ESA living with you is necessary for your health and wellbeing. You can then supply this letter upon your residential tenancy application and greatly increase your chances of getting approved for the rental property. The landlord may want to contact your mental health professional to verify the letter’s authenticity, but that is completely normal, and they are entitled to do so. Although not a legal requirement, fitting the ESA with a harness with an attached patch can help to show the landlord that the animal is there for official purposes and that you are not pushing your luck making for a more homely experience.

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