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Emotional Support Animal for Anxiety

We all may have a pet in our house but for some people, they are more than a pet. These are those people who are perpetually depressed or anxious. There is much treatment available for anxiety disorder starting from prescription medicine to ongoing therapy, or a combination of both. But one of the most effective treatment is to have Emotional Support Animals for anxiety. It helps the patient to overcome the anxious situation. To understand how an ESA can help those who are suffering from an anxiety disorder it is quite important to know what an ESA is?

What is an ESA?

An emotional support animal is a pet that has been that have been prescribed by the psychiatrist to the patient who is suffering from a psychological disorder or if he is having some disability to make their life better. The main focus is to provide complete comfort to the patient. The overall goals are that ESA will provide emotional support to the patient time of needs, when they may not have a friend or family nearby.

Emotional Support Animal for Anxiety

Emotional support animals can provide great aid to anxiety suffer by giving them an emotional outlet. We all know that animal can’t speak or even cannot understand what patient is going through they provide the patient someone to talk when no one is around in this busy world. What makes it most ideal for the patient is ESA will not judge the patient, whereas a normal human being will judge or attempt to give offer unnecessary advice. In addition to this Emotional support, the animal can ward off the feeling of anxiety through their affection.ESA physical touch can help anxiety through creating a bond between the person and the animal.


As we all know the animal requires their care and attention, having an Emotional Support Animal can improve the symptoms of anxiety. By simply providing a company to the owner an ESA helps to overcome the symptoms of anxiety .if the patient spends a lot of time in grooming, feeding, walking, playing, with their Emotional support animal then he will surely focusing more on rather than the cause of anxiety. Which will have positive growth in patient lives.

Geeting ESA for Anxiety

Getting an Emotional support dog for anxiety needs a prescription from a doctor. This letter should state that the person requiring the ESA is under their care. The doctor must write that their patient should have an ESA assistance with an anxiety-related condition.ESA is protected under the Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Air Carrier Access Act in the United States. This legislation allows ESA to be its owner 24×7 regardless of the pet policy and fly in the cabin without extra charge.

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