Emotional Support Animal Letter to Landlord

The emotional support animal letter to a landlord is a very important document that can affect your quality of life if you can’t obtain one. These letters are essential for people with registered ESA’s who want their beloved animal to live in a rental property with them. The significance of the animal being able to live with their owner is immeasurable, and most owners won’t even think about any other option if their pet can’t accompany them. So, if you require this letter urgently, then read on and learn the necessary information that could assist you in obtaining it.

What is The Emotional Support Animal Letter to Landlord?

This is a letter from a licensed mental health professional who deems that their patient needs their emotional support animal to live with them. The Fair Housing Act recognizes this prescription, and it entitles your dog, cat or whatever your ESA is to live with their owner in a rental property. This Act was amended to protect ESA’s and their owners from being discriminated against when they are living in or applying for rental properties. Some of the stipulations mean that a landlord or property manager cannot discriminate against a person with an ESA and the must provide reasonable accommodation for them.

How Can I Use It?

Once you have this housing letter, you can either show it to your current property manager or landlord if you are already living in a rented premises or you could show it to them upon your application for one. Reasonable accommodation must be made for you and your pet, and you cannot be charged any additional fees for having them. Even if the property has a no pet’s policy, this must be waived as these types of animals legally are not considered to be pets.

What Can’t I Do?

There are a few situations where the landlord or property manager doesn’t have to accommodate you, but they rarely happen. If there is a place with four or fewer units and the landlord lives in one of them, then they legally do not have to approve your application based on your ESA. This also extends to single family homes in the event that the owner doesn’t use a real estate agent and owns less than three of these homes. You will also be liable should your pet cause damage to the property, and you won’t be able to get out of paying the damage. The landlord would also have the power to evict your animal in this situation too, so you really have to monitor their behaviour so they don’t cause any damage.

I Need Help Getting This Letter

Not a problem! If you don’t know where to start that’s perfectly fine as we have an extensive referral network of mental health professionals that we can put you in touch with. We could find one in your local area, or you could even take our online medical exam too should you want an easier process. If you already have your letter which classifies you as someone with a recognized disability but need the appropriate documentation for housing, then we can easily take care of that for you too. Just contact us today, and we will get back to you regarding how we can assist you.

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