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What is an ESA Certificate?

What is an ESA certificate? 

An ESA letter is an Emotional Support letter that one gets for his/her pet. This certification is not an official declaration but it will allow a pet owner to have access to some things concerning pet management. To make sure that you get your emotional support animal certified all you need to do is to get an ESA letter from a certified mental health expert. This letter will grant you access to have your pet with you in 2 major places. 


  1. HOUSING: An individual may live with an ESA as stated under the Fair Housing Act. This law explains that house providers must make reasonable accommodations for individuals with emotional support animals which means the ‘no pets’ policy should be avoided. This also means that house providers cannot charge extra for accommodating emotional support animals. 
  2. AIR TRAVELLING: It is very important to have an ESA letter when it comes to air traveling. To make sure that you can travel with your emotional support animal, you have to certify that your ESA agrees with the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). And all you need is an emotional support animal letter from a licensed mental health expert. The ACAA says that your emotional support animal can travel with you in the cabin at no cost. This law sees to make sure that people with disabilities traveling by air are treated with uttermost care and respect which also means their emotional support animals, are allowed to go with them. 


Where can I get my ESA certification done?

Contacting a mental health doctor is the only way of getting an ESA done. The Dogtor is the best and a licensed mental health expert that can provide you with an effective ESA certificate/letter. Many people have gotten their certificate/ letter from The Dogtor over the years. It is known to be fast and easy because they have deep knowledge of ESA certification and a good network with licensed health care experts. Click on https://onlinedogtor.com/esa-certification/ to get your best online ESA certification done. 


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