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How Support Dog Helps In Mental Illness


Science has proven that dogs are good for the well-being of humans. From two different types of research conducted by ‘Journal of Applied Development Science’ and ‘Journal of Psychiatric Research’ it was discovered that owning a dog did not just help people suffering from mental illness feel better, but it also causes them more likely to be of help to others. Sometimes, emotional provocations are a result of physical health issues that a mental health support dog can respond to and also help with. Interacting with therapy dogs boosts the patient’s mood.

People who own dogs already experience these but if you are experiencing mental health issues and you are yet to get one or contemplating having one, you should not hesitate to get therapy dogs today because they offer comfort, friendship, and can even help ease loneliness.

A therapy dog also called a Mental Health Support Dog is a pet that upgrades your mental health by supporting you with emotional support. They can be trained to provide support to you and even to others. Therapy dogs live in the homes of their owners and can also be taken out to outdoor settings such as schools, nursing homes, retirement and hospitals because you can train them to be gentle and friendly to accommodate strangers that pet them.

Mental Health Support Dog

So what kind of dogs are mental health support dogs?

Not all dogs are precisely for mental health support but in general, a friendly breed of dog is considered to be a mental health support dog. In this article, we will be learning dogs that are mental health support dogs.

1. GOLDEN RETRIEVER: it is one of the most popular breeds that are existing and they are considered to be one of the best mental health support dogs. They are full of power, loving, energetic, comforting to those who need comfort, and very social with other people and animals. The interesting thing about them is that they always engage their owners in fun. They are willing to perform all kinds of tasks you engage them in.

2. ST. BERNARDS: Another therapy dog is St. Bernard. St. Bernard is known as a family pet, is a patient, gentle, eager to love and please children. However because it is a large breed, it is very important to train them from an early stage so that they are free to socialize. They are low-maintenance dogs as they do drool a lot and shed.

3. LABRADOR RETRIEVER: this therapy dog has almost the same characteristics as a golden retriever. It is energetic, solidly built and a companion to its owner. It has been studied that Labrador retrievers have helped patients with mental health issues to get emotionally strong because they are top-notch emotional support animals. Patients with ADD or Autism feel more balanced when they are with a loving Labrador.

Others include Yorkies, Border collie, Corgi, Vizsla, English bulldog, German shepherd, etc. dogs are not just pets they are emotional creatures that help people suffering from mental health issues recover. For pets that will help you overcome your mental problems, kindly visit a pet shop or let a doctor recommend a dog breed to you and get a dog that will be a companion and also be your mental health support dog.