Emotional Therapy Dog Certification

Getting an emotional therapy dog certification for your animal could be critical if you want to be able to live your life together with it. There are a few situations which would require you to get specific documentation for your pet and not having it could inhibit your quality of life. We know just how important your friend is to you, and you don’t have to go through your struggles alone. This is why we have written this article for you so that you know exactly what documents you need for different circumstances and how you can go about getting them. Interested in an emotional support dog but don’t know if they are suited to you? Click Here to find out how they could help you.

What Certification is Required?

Depending on what you want to do with your animal, there are going to be three different types of certifications that you could get. Most people think that there is just one, which is being approved to have an ESA, but there is technically two more you could obtain for other reasons. If you want more information before looking into certification then visit https://onlinedogtor.com/emotional/support/dog/esa/.

Getting Approved For an Emotional Support Animal

If you want an emotional therapy dog, then you must first be living with a verifiable disability. If you are, then you have to go and see a licensed mental health professional who can then assess your condition and if getting an animal would significantly help in mitigating one or more of your symptoms. Providing this professional deems that having a pet would have significant positive effects for you, then they will issue you with a certificate of approval. This will state that you are a patient under their care, that you are significantly limited by the disability that you have, and that they are prescribing you an emotional support animal as a result.

Living in A Rental Property

Most landlords don’t allow pets in their properties but having an emotional therapy dog is a different story. Any approved emotional pets can’t be discriminated against, and you cannot be denied a residential tenancy application as a result of you having this animal. You also can’t be charged a pet deposit or additional rent, but you must pay for repairs if your ESA causes damage to the property. If you live in a rented property or are going to apply for one, then you can get a certificate which will permit your animal to live with you. As mentioned before, you cannot be discriminated against for having your ESA, but there are rare situations where you may be denied such as applying for a unit in a block with four and fewer units where the landlord lives in one of the units.

Flying on A Commercial Airliner

The Airline Carrier Access Act protects your ESA from being discriminated against on airplanes, providing you have a certificate for them. This means that your pet will be allowed to fly on the plane with you completely free of charge and may even be able to accompany you in the cabin providing they are not too big and don’t obstruct the aisle. So long as you have a letter from a mental health professional outlining that your support dog needs to travel with you on the airplane, the airliner is legally not allowed to prohibit your pet for boarding the plane or asking any questions about the extent of your disability.

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