Emotional Support Dog California

Getting an emotional support dog in California can actually be quite an easy and straightforward process with little hassle involved. So long as you meet the criteria, the approval rate is quite high, and the state recognizes emotional support animals under Federal law too. If you are suffering from an emotional disability, then getting one of these dogs could be the best thing that you do for your condition. There are millions of people in America who are living with disabilities, and many of them don’t even know that they have a problem or the true extent of it.

What is an Emotional Support Dog?

This type of dog is a companion animal, also known as an emotional support animal (ESA). Their purpose is to provide their emotionally disabled owner with companionship, and this can result in their symptoms starting to improve. Not only that, but their quality of life also goes up as a result too, and many people who were once suffering have been able to stabilize their condition while others have managed to mitigate it completely.

What Dogs in California Can Be an ESA?

Any dog can be an ESA in any state providing they meet behavioral and social requirements. This means that they aren’t aggressive or a danger and they are also well-behaved in addition to being in your complete control. Any dog breed is allowed, and there isn’t one which is prohibited by this or their size. There are also no specialized training requirements as these aren’t service dogs, and they don’t need to possess a specific skill or perform certain tasks for their owners. All you need is the formal paperwork to verify that your animal is suitable for the role.

How Can I Get One?

As mentioned above, these types of animals can only be for people who are emotionally disabled. A mental health professional needs to make an assessment of you and your condition to deem if getting an ESA would result in a significant improvement in one or more of your conditions symptoms. If so, they will then prescribe you for the use of an emotional support animal, and you will be able to go and get one. The process is no different in California than it is in other states, and seeing a mental health professional is essential unless you take our online examination.
If you need assistance getting one, you can contact us, and we can arrange for an appointment for you. Taking our online certification is also another option for you and the process is very quick and easy. We can also arrange for the required documents if you want your ESA to live in a rental property with you or to take them onto an airplane. Both of these things will require different certificates which must be issued by a registered mental health professional.
Don’t delay the process if you are suffering; your condition may get worse. It’s perfectly fine to need to ask for help and getting a dog for the purposes of emotional support doesn’t make you any less of a human. No one can judge you for having one of these animals, and there are strict laws in place to prevent the discrimination of ESA’s and their owners.

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