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All individuals seeking an Emotional Support Animal prescription must complete an online medical examination consisting of 74 questions. It takes anywhere from 15 – 20 minutes to complete so please make sure that you are ready to fill it out and move forward, since you won't be able to save your exam and come back to it later. You can begin the exam by clicking on the “online medical exam”tab located in the main navigation menu or by clicking the “get started now” tab below.

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Potential patients should keep in mind that if the evaluating medical doctor does not feel comfortable writing you a prescription for an emotional support animal, then you will receive a same-day refund. Refunds are granted only to those who are not approved by the evaluating physician. After completing your online exam you will be required to make a payment and choose a treatment plan that best applies to you. If you need an ESA letter for housing, please choose the housing plan. The entry level housing plan is called the “care plan” and is 159.00. If you need a letter only for travel, then please choose the travel plan for 149.00. If you need documentation for both, you will need to select the Compassion Plan for 199.00, which will cover both travel and housing. Regardless, you must submit payment at that time or your exam will not be processed.

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The Dogtor reviews your exam & you'll receive a notification within 48 hours if approved or not. Approval is typically the same day on a normal work week. In the event that the Dogtor needs to do a further evaluation he may want to speak to you over Skype. However, it's very rare.

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All individuals who have submitted an online exam will hear back from the evaluating physician within 24-48 hours. The doctor will email you from this or her personal email address to the email address that you have on file, so please make sure to check spam folders and wait patiently for the correspondence from the M.D. A doctor may ask you more questions about your exam so please be prepared to provide further details if they want more info in order for them to make an informed decision. Usually these questions are about asking for more clarity or that you have been vague in answering a specific question. As stated in Step 3, if the doctor does not approve you, you will receive a same-day refund. However, in the event that you are approved, you will receive your emailed PDF copy of the prescription letter typically on the same day. You will also receive a courtesy hard copy that will be mailed to the address that you have on file when taking the online exam. The hard copy take a few business days to arrive, depending on where you are located in the USA.

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Where Can I Get A Emotional Support Animal In California

Emotional Support Animal California

Emotional support animals in California have a few rules and regulations that they must follow and you may be breaking them without knowing it. While there have been laws passed to protect emotional support animals (ESA’s) and their owners from discrimination, there are still laws which they must abide by like the California service dog laws restaurant. The law does greatly work more in your favor than against it, but there is also a lot of misconception regarding these animals and service animals. Make sure you look into the California disabled persons act so you know what rights you have. There are so many people taking advantage of emotional support animals and the advantages that they provide. It is becoming a much more popular and widely accepted form of treatment for a variety of situations. Why don’t you speak to your psychologist to see if they think an ESA is the right option for you. You may find that you could be spending a lot more time with your favorite furry friend while helping you deal with day to day struggles.

What’s The Difference?

There is a clear and distinguishable difference between a service animal and a support animal. It can be confusing as an emotional support animal is sometimes referred to as a psychiatric service dog California. A service animal has specific training in order to perform a task for their owner that they are not capable of doing or are severely limited in doing. An ESA doesn’t need any form of training and their purpose is to provide companionship for their disabled owners which can help mitigate the symptoms of their disability. Have a look at California service dog in training laws to make sure that your animal abides by the current laws regarding behavior. Remember that there are distinct differences in the law regarding the difference between the two kinds of animal, make sure that you know what applies to yourself. If you need more help distinguishing the two then why not visit www.nolo.com to clear things up.

The Differnece Between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Dog

Just to help you know which kind of support will be relevant to you and your condition we have put together a few of the things that service and companion dogs are capable of handling.
Service DogTherapy Dog
Emotional Support
Hearing Alert
Medical Assistance
Psychological Mitigation
Seizure Alert

What Should I Know?

ESA’s are considered different to service animals in the eyes of the law. Your ESA cannot accompany you to public places such as restaurants, shops, hotels, and government buildings. They also can’t go into medical facilities or accompany you onto transportation such as buses, trains, and taxis. They can, however, come with you onto an aircraft providing you obtain a certificate permitting this beforehand.
Service animals are permitted to enter public places and buildings without documentation and the owners can only be asked if the animal is required or not for a disability and what task it is trained to perform. They also don’t require to be certified, registered, or be identified as an animal of service. This makes them very different from an emotional support animal California.
Since an ESA doesn’t require any form of specialized training although many people look into California service dog training to give them a helping hand in controlling their animal. They can be any domesticated creature which doesn’t have any behavioral or social issues. If you have a pet that you want to become your ESA then look into how to make your dog a service animal in California right here, we can help make the process very simple. Basically, all you have to do is get your dog registered with the service animal registry of California and away you go. They are considered different to service animals in the eyes of the law. Your ESA cannot accompany you to public places such as restaurants, shops, hotels, and government buildings. They also can’t go into medical facilities or accompany you onto transportation such as buses, trains, and taxis. They can, however, come with you onto an aircraft providing you obtain a certificate permitting this beforehand.
If you need help choosing a breed of dog to be an ESA then why not check out this video to help you make the right choice.

Once you have found a suitable breed to match your needs why not try and find one near you. There are many sites that provide legitimate adopting opportunities for those looking for an ESA. One that we have worked with and would happily recommend to anyone is the nation wide Petfinder.

So What Can I Do?

Thanks to the ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act (adata.org) your registered ESA is allowed to accompany you into a rental property to live there with you by housing laws or to board an aircraft with you. Remember if you haven’t already registered your emotional support animal California then we can help you do that today, just get in touch here and we will help you every step of the way. Both property and aircraft will require a certificate issued by a mental health professional to do so and it may be worth your time to look at examples of what these letters look like. California Law stipulates that people with ESA’s are not to be discriminated against along with The Fair Housing Act and the Aircraft Carrier Access Act for their protection.
The Fair Housing Act states that people with ESA’s cannot be discriminated against or denied a residential tenancy application because of their pet. The landlord must allow the pet to live on the property with the owner and can’t charge any additional fees for doing so. For more information about the laws that apply to ESA’s visit AnimalLaws.info.
The Aircraft Carrier Access Act is in place to protect people with ESA’s from being discriminated against on aeroplanes. An ESA can accompany their owner onto an aircraft providing they have a certificate from a mental health professional stating the person’s need for the animal. The airline must allow the owner and pet to fly without any additional fees charged for the animal. The pet may also be permitted to sit in the cabin providing it doesn’t obstruct to aisles as that is a federal law.

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