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How It Works

Complete Online Exam

All individuals seeking an Emotional Support Animal prescription must complete an online medical examination consisting of 74 questions. It takes anywhere from 15 – 20 minutes to complete so please make sure that you are ready to fill it out and move forward, since you won't be able to save your exam and come back to it later. You can begin the exam by clicking on the “online medical exam”tab located in the main navigation menu or by clicking the “get started now” tab below.

Make Payment

Potential patients should keep in mind that if the evaluating medical doctor does not feel comfortable writing you a prescription for an emotional support animal, then you will receive a same-day refund. Refunds are granted only to those who are not approved by the evaluating physician. After completing your online exam you will be required to make a payment and choose a treatment plan that best applies to you. If you need an ESA letter for housing, please choose the housing plan. The entry level housing plan is called the “care plan” and is 159.00. If you need a letter only for travel, then please choose the travel plan for 149.00. If you need documentation for both, you will need to select the Compassion Plan for 199.00, which will cover both travel and housing. Regardless, you must submit payment at that time or your exam will not be processed.

The DOGtor Reviews Your Exam

The Dogtor reviews your exam & you'll receive a notification within 48 hours if approved or not. Approval is typically the same day on a normal work week. In the event that the Dogtor needs to do a further evaluation he may want to speak to you over Skype. However, it's very rare.

You've Been Approved!

All individuals who have submitted an online exam will hear back from the evaluating physician within 24-48 hours. The doctor will email you from this or her personal email address to the email address that you have on file, so please make sure to check spam folders and wait patiently for the correspondence from the M.D. A doctor may ask you more questions about your exam so please be prepared to provide further details if they want more info in order for them to make an informed decision. Usually these questions are about asking for more clarity or that you have been vague in answering a specific question. As stated in Step 3, if the doctor does not approve you, you will receive a same-day refund. However, in the event that you are approved, you will receive your emailed PDF copy of the prescription letter typically on the same day. You will also receive a courtesy hard copy that will be mailed to the address that you have on file when taking the online exam. The hard copy take a few business days to arrive, depending on where you are located in the USA.

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ESAs in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada with your emotional support animal (ESA), under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) you can travel with your ESA in the cabin of the airplane and not pay any additional fees.

What You Need to Know About Airline Travel to Las Vegas with Your Esa

To have your ESA recognized by a commercial airline, you must have a properly executed ESA letter

Because there have been some abuses of the ACAA, many airlines are adding restrictions that could impact your travel plans. Before you purchase your tickets expecting your ESA to accompany you in the plane’s cabin, call the airline to see if there are specific policies that will affect your decision. 

Depending on the airline, restrictions might include:

  • ESA travel plans must be submitted to the airline at least 48 hours prior to flight time
  • Certain species may not be welcome, such as reptiles, insects, and rodents
  • Animals that are unclean or have a foul odor may not be granted cabin access
  • Animals must be small enough not to block aisles
  • Animals cannot sit in emergency rows

What You Need to Know About Your ESA in Las Vegas Hotels

ESAs are not service animals, so they are not covered under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). A service animal has been trained to perform a specific task for an individual with a disability.

Because they need no specific training and are not covered under the ADA, emotional service animals do not have the same access as official service animals. There are, however, pet friendly hotels that, although they have rules and might have additional charges, will welcome both you and your ESA, including:

  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  • Vdara Hotel & Spa
  • The Mirage Hotel & Casino
  • Delano Las Vegas
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • Platinum Hotel and  Spa
  • The LINQ Hotel & Casino

Before finalizing your hotel booking, call the hotel for their specific pet policies to make sure that it matches your needs.

Your Las Vegas ESA

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, planning to move to Las Vegas, or currently living in Las Vegas and need an emotional support animal, one of the fastest, easiest, and affordable ways of getting your official ESA letter is with the DOGtor. 


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