Important Things to Know About Emotional Support Animal Texas

If you haven’t heard about a therapy companion before then you’d better have a clear understanding of it. This kind of support can help save lives and prevent further complications and risks among patients who are dealing with mental issues. A psychiatric animal assistant is not a pet. This is a friend that does not only provide companionship to the patient but also therapeutic support for patients dealing with psychiatric issues and disabilities. The patient who is seeking such kind of companionship should have a verifiable disability in order to get permitted with such kind of support. If you still want more information on what an ESA is, then click Here.

Texas views this kind of animal as needing “reasonable accommodation” and this is also under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (FHA or FHAct) especially for those residing in areas like apartments and no pets establishments. For more information on how to get your dog companion go to or you could look into emotional support animal cat if you are more of a feline lover. For more information about the laws surrounding them visit

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There is a big difference between a service dog, trained for a specific task that the patient cannot complete themselves and a therapy companion that is there for psychiatric purposes. If you need a clearer view of the differences please look at the table below. If you are still unsure after reading the table you can visit for a more in-depth breakdown.

The Differnece Between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Dog

Just to help you know which kind of support will be relevant to you and your condition we have put together a few of the things that service and companion dogs are capable of handling.
Service DogTherapy Dog
Emotional Support
Hearing Alert
Medical Assistance
Psychological Mitigation
Seizure Alert

Who Has the Right To a Companion?

Getting the right protection and assistance is a must for people who are dealing with mental issues and disabilities. It is actually their right to have such support. However, there are certain requirements needed in order to fully obtain them without any hassle. There are some places wherein you can get access to your therapy companion while there are some that allow it but with some restrictions. This is the reason why you should understand all the necessary matters regarding psychiatric service dog Texas to avoid unnecessary arguments.

It is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( that people with disabilities are entitled to the same treatment and opportunities as the rest of the country. So if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, narcolepsy or many others then you may find that you need a form of treatment that is not one of the conventional ones to be very effective. It is becoming more and more popular across the US and even across some of the world. There are more and more people that are becoming more accepting to the situation and as a result are far more understanding. If you suffer from a mental health disability then why not speak to your psychiatrist to see if a companion would help you with your day to day life.

You may find that the results are far greater than you anticipate. Many patients that were trapped in a life without the freedom to do what they want when they want find that this is a perfect solution. By having a trusted therapy assistant with you nearly all the time you will likely find a sense of relief if you suffer from trauma. It can help you build confidence in yourself and in your ability to get out and live without holding back. Having something that you can depend on any time of day can seriously relieve a huge amount of tension from your shoulders and allow you to do what you want. Don’t let disabilities hold you back from your full potential.

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Anyone suffering from a mental disability can apply to their psychiatrist for one.

How to go about Getting One

Another thing to know regarding the Emotional Support Animal law is that before any psychiatric patient looks into how to get an emotional support animal, they need to get a certificate from their doctors, if for a dog they are sometimes referred to as an emotional support dog letter. It is important to understand the rights that you and your ESA have. It is most preferred to have a psychiatrist to sign the said certificate. They are the only certified doctors allowed to provide such sensitive kind of documents to patients.

In the case that the psychiatric doctor is not around, a therapist will then be allowed to, however, a third party should be involved in signing the emotional support animal certification for authenticity. This certificate will help the patient get all the benefits and privileges which a therapy companion offers especially when the patient will be going out in the public.

Once you have decided what animal you would like to partner with just take your letter to any adoption centre and they will help you find a suitable pet for your condition. A company that we have personally worked with and found to be very professional and good at what they do is Petfinder. If you don’t know what species would be the most appropriate for you then you should try and speak to your psychologist. If you are in too much of a hurry to wait for your next appointment then a dog is always a safe option to go for. Here is a video about great emotional support dog breeds that should hopefully help you make your choice easier.

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Any domesticated animal can be used and it does not have to have formal training to qualify.

The Legal Side of Things

Nobody likes to look into legal matters, especially if it makes a difference as to how you are able to live your life. It is, however, extremely important to understand your situation and circumstances as broadly as possible. As mentioned above, people are becoming more and more understanding of the circumstances of others in a similar position to yourself, but there is still some way to go before everyone is up to date with the way things are now. Don’t worry though, you are protected by many laws that are specifically designed to make sure that everyone can live their lives as they see fit and with equal opportunities to do so.

Having a therapy service dog is just like having a wheelchair. If a wheelchair can provide help to people with a disability then this animal can also provide support and assistance to people struggling with psychiatric issues and free to live independently. Living with a psychiatric service animal is allowed and in case a certain dwelling place like an apartment change its rules and regulations regarding this then the Emotional Support Animal Texas law will have all the rights to put necessary punishments on landlords that do not comply. People with psychiatric issues are allowed to live with their support pet whether they are going to stay in a no pet apartment or room.

Under the ESA Texas law and ADA emotional support animal, a helping companion does not need specific or special training as compared to a service dog. These psychological assistants are here to provide calm and relaxation to the psychiatric patient. This simply means that they are not trained to carry or provide immediate emergency help if the patient had an attack. These animals will only provide companionship which can be very helpful in alleviating the signs and symptoms of their mental disorders and even prevent any triggers that could lead to a sudden attack. If you feel it is worthwhile then getting an emotional support animal vest to signify to others that the animal is not a pet and has a purpose can be a great way to accomplish that.

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It is important that you follow the rules and gather all the necessary requirements for Emotional Support Animal Texas in order to make your daily work and tasks a lot easier. Having a therapeutic companion will surely make your life easier and stress-free. Remember that you are protected by the law so don’t be worried, just go for it.