Emotional Support Pet

Getting an emotional support pet could greatly help mitigate the symptoms of your disability if you are suffering from a mental or psychological disability. These animals have been proven to provide therapeutic relief for their owners, and some people have found that some of their symptoms have disappeared completely. If you are suffering from chronic depression, stress, anxiety, or from a verifiable psychological or mental disability, you could be eligible to get one of these pets. The process of getting one is very straightforward and simple too, but there are some requirements you must meet first. Many animals can be used for this purpose but the most popular are dogs, if you need help choosing a dog breed that would suit you best click Here.

What is an Emotional Support Pet?

This type of pet is an animal that is prescribed to a verifiably disabled person, and its purpose is to provide them with companionship. This can range from a service dog to a cat and even a bird if you so wished it. The company that it provides its owner with can help improve their condition because of the love and friendship they experience with the animal. It can be extremely challenging for some people to have to live with their disability alone, or even with the occasional visit from a family member, so the companionship that these pets provide their owners with is incredibly beneficial. A specialised vest can also help to make the experience easier and more personal.

How Can I Get One?

In order to get one, you must first have a verifiable disability. This can include mental and psychological disabilities and extends to chronic conditions such as insomnia, depression, stress, and anxiety. You must then go and visit a registered mental health professional who will assess your need for one of these pets. If they deem that having an animal will significantly improve at least one of the symptoms of your disability, they will issue you with a letter of approval. Once you have this letter, you can go and purchase any domesticated creature and get it registered as an emotional support animal (ESA). For help with acquiring an approval letter click Here.

Is This The Right Move For Me?

If you meet the criteria outlined above, then you should book an appointment with a mental health professional to see if getting one of these pets would greatly improve your condition. It’s definitely worth a go, and you shouldn’t have to suffer, especially if you’re living alone. These animals have been responsible for providing thousands of people with companionship, and that has helped those people to feel better about themselves and their condition. Some people’s symptoms can disappear completely in some situations, and their quality of life rises exponentially.
You can contact us today if you don’t know where to start and we can put you in touch with a mental health professional in your local area. Should you be approved for an ESA registry, we can also organize your pet’s registration and any appropriate documentation it may need, just follow onlinedogtor.com/emotional/support/pet/letter. If you want your pet to live in a rental property with you, then you’re going to need a certificate that permits them to do so. Once you have this certificate letter, you can bring your friend with you to a rental property, and the landlord is not allowed to discriminate against you or your new buddy. They also can’t charge an additional fee for them either, so getting this documentation can help you a lot.

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