Emotional Support Animal Letter For Flying

Do you need the emotional support animal letter for flying? This letter is essential if you want to take your emotional support animal (ESA) with you onto a domestic flight in the United States. Without it, you and your beloved companion won’t be able to fly together, and the airliner would not have to accommodate them. There are still many ESA owners who don’t know about this type of letter, and they often think that an emotional support animal has the same rights as a service animal. The truth is; both of them are very different, and there are separate laws which apply to them.

Why Do I Need This Letter?

If you want your ESA to fly with you, then you’re going to need this letter. A service animal receives specialized training in order to perform a task for its owner, such as pushing a wheelchair. The task that this animal performs is essential to its owners daily life, and they would be severely limited without them. Because of this, these animals don’t need a document in order to board a plane with their owner. An ESA, on the other hand, is not considered to be a service animal because they don’t perform any tasks and their primary purpose is to provide companionship. Due to this, they are considered to be a different type of animal and do require this document.

What Are The Benefits of It?

This letter entitles your animal to fly with you, and they may be able to accompany you in the cabin too providing they don’t obstruct the aisle. This is particularly great for owners who have anxiety, or a fear of flying and the presence of their Emotional Support Animal can help mitigate their symptoms. It’s a good idea to contact the airline you are flying with at least 48 hours before you are due to depart and email or fax your letter to their appropriate department. This is because chances are the airline will want to verify your letter before letting you use it in case you are using a fake one. The Aircraft Carrier Access Act protects you and your ESA from discrimination and enables you to fly with them providing you have the right documentation. The airline is also prohibited from asking you about the extent of your condition, and they must accept the letter as evidence of your disability.

How Do I Get It?

You must receive this document from a licensed mental health professional, and we can also arrange for this for you too. You can use the same professional you did to get your approval letter, but any professional is capable of issuing you with it. It must not be more than one year old, it needs to have the professional’s letterhead on it, and it obviously must come from them too and include their name and contact details. It will basically state that you are their patient and currently under their care and they have deemed that your animal flying with you is necessary for your treatment or health.

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