Emotional Support Animal Requirements

Knowing the emotional support animal requirements is essential if you are planning on getting an ESA. With 1 in 4 people in the United States having some form of a disability, the popularity of these animals is quickly on the up. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that they are living with a disability and their conditions can progressively get worse from there. Undiagnosed conditions are a big problem and are leading to higher mortality rates for people in our country. ESA’s have been proven to be incredibly effective in mitigating the symptoms that these sufferers experience and are now a widely recognized form of treatment. If you have an emotional disability or think you may and are considering getting this type of animal, then read on to know the requirements involved for you.

What Are The Emotional Support Animal Requirements?

Firstly, there are the requirements in order to get an ESA and then there are the requirements for the ESA. To begin with, you must have a verifiable emotional disability. The definition of this can range and can include psychiatric and mental disabilities in addition to chronic insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress. If you have one of these disabilities or conditions or think you may, then you need to book an appointment with a licensed mental health professional. They will assess you and your condition using an ESA form and see if getting a companion would significantly improve at least one of your conditions symptoms. If their judgment confirms this, then they can issue you with an official letter of approval to get this type of animal, often called a prescription letter. For an example of what this kind of letter should look like visit onlinedogtor.com/lettersample/.

What is Required From The Animal?

Any animal that is domesticated can become an ESA. This means cats, dogs, mice, birds, and much more. There is no restriction on the weight, size, or breed, so you are free to get virtually any creature you want to add to the registry. There is, however, strict guidelines in place regarding the animal’s behavior and social skills. They need to be well-behaved and not pose a danger to anyone or be prone to causing destruction. Though they do not require any formal training they must also be able to be around other people and animals without a problem and be in your full control at all times. Providing they meet these guidelines, you should be good to go.

What Can I Do Next?

If you haven’t already, you need to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional and undergo an assessment. If you’re already approved, you can go and get your ESA, and you can register them should you choose to. This will mean that they will be officially recognized and you can have documentation to prove this if need be. There are also two more documents which you could obtain depending on your needs. One is the letter of approval for a rental property which will allow your pet to live with you in one. The other is for air travel and will enable your pet to fly with you. In both these cases, the letter must be issued by a mental health professional as well, and we can also arrange this for you should you want to contact us.

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