Emotional Support Animal Registration of America

The emotional support animal registration of America is something that your ESA should get on if you want them to be officially recognized as an animal for emotional support. Getting them recognized is easy, and it could also make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to doing certain things that require your animal to be with you. Unfortunately, some ESA owners still get discriminated against in today’s times, and it’s not fair that they can’t have a good quality of life or be able to take their ESA with them to certain places. If their pet was registered, it could potentially reduce the discrimination and relieve the burden because the owner could show that their pet is in fact registered and recognized for its purpose. They don’t have to have formal training and just have to be socially acceptable. Once registered an ESA is then protected by the law and is an official companion henceforth.

What Are The Benefits of Getting on This Register?

Once your ESA gets on the register, they will be officially recognized as an animal for the purpose of emotional support. In addition to registering your pet, you could also obtain the required documentation for taking them on an airplane or for having them live in a rental property with you. Let’s break down these two different types of documentation and what they require.

The Aircraft Carrier Access Act

This Act means that disabled people and their support animals cannot be discriminated against on airplanes. The airliner must make reasonable accommodation and not refuse the person or pet to board the plane providing the animal is well-behaved. Your ESA could be permitted to accompany you in the cabin of the airplane during the flight providing they don’t obstruct the aisle, which would be against federal law. You also can’t be charged any fees for your pet, so they will get to fly completely free of charge.

The Fair Housing Act

This Act was amended to expand on its previous form and allow people with ESA’s to be covered by what it entails. An ESA and their owner can apply to live in a rental property, and they cannot be refused based on the fact that there is an animal, even if there is a no pets policy. The landlord or property manager must provide reasonable accommodation and cannot charge a pet deposit or additional fees because of the pet. There is a rare situation where the landlord or property manager does not have to approve an application, though. This situation is when there a four or fewer units in a block and their landlord or property manager happens to live in one of them.

What Do I Do Now?

If you want your beloved pet to get on the emotional support animal registration of America, then please feel free to contact us, and we can arrange this for you. We could also arrange for the required documentation for your buddy to fly or live in a rental property with you too if need be. Once your animal is registered, you could feel a weight lift off your shoulders and experience less stress and hassle because you have the required documents stating your animal is registered.

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