Emotional Support Animal Letter

Getting an emotional support animal letter can allow you to take your ESA with you virtually anywhere that you go. This means that if you have had problems in the past trying to get your pet into a rental property or on an airplane, a letter will allow you to take them with you. We know that it’s very challenging trying to cope with chronic medical conditions by yourself, so we have streamlined the application process for ESA letters to make things as easy as possible for you. But, before you apply, let’s take a look at the different types of letters that someone could obtain.

What Are The Different Types of Emotional Support Animal Letters?

There are different kinds of these letters available for people to get depending on their current needs. This can include people who haven’t got an ESA yet, those who want to take their pet into a rental property, and for individuals who wish to bring their animal on an airplane with them. There are strict rules and regulations regarding discrimination against these pets, so getting one or all of these letters could significantly work in your favour.


This is the letter that everyone has to obtain in order to get an ESA. You must visit a licensed mental health professional who will then assess you to deem if you need a companion or not using an ESA form. This assessment will be based on your current medical conditions and how your life is affected by them. If this practitioner concludes that getting one of these would significantly improve one or more of the symptoms associated with your condition, then they will issue you with an ESA letter also called a prescription letter.


If you are applying for a rental property and the landlord doesn’t allow pets, you can still have your pet with you in that property providing you have a letter for it. This is because landlords aren’t allowed to discriminate against people who have ESA’s, so they would have to find another acceptable reason to deny you if they didn’t want you or your animal there.


Some people suffer from severe anxiety or fear when they are on an airplane, and others need to take their pet with them using this mode of transportation. This letter will allow your companion to accompany you on your travels because you either need them to be with you to go somewhere or they greatly help your condition while traveling.

How Can I Get These Letters?

That’s easy! We do them right here on thedogtor.net, and you can apply online with us today, even for your medical exam. We have years of expertise in this industry, and we have gotten thousands of people approved for a whole range of reasons. Individuals with anxiety, panic, mood, and personality disorders have been approved before in addition to people suffering from PTSD, phobias, and stress. So, don’t hesitate and make your application today or feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding emotional support animal letters.

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