Emotional Service Dog

Emotional service dogs are becoming more popular in today’s times and are also the most common type of emotional support animal (ESA). They can provide unconditional love and affection for their owners and help them cope with their difficult situation. They can only be prescribed by a registered mental health professional who must first assess someone’s need for one. A person needs to have a verifiable disability, and if this mental health professional concludes that having an emotional support animal would greatly aid the person with a disability, they can then issue a dog certification to make sure that you have the correct documentation should you need it for official use.

What is An Emotional Service Dog?

This type of dog is used for therapeutic purposes for someone who is suffering from a mental or psychological disability. They provide companionship for this person, and their company can help mitigate at least one symptom of their disability. Sometimes, individuals who have a disability don’t have anybody who can spend enough time with them. Getting one of these dogs can do wonders for these people and make them feel a lot better about themselves and feel less alone.

Are They The Same as A Service Dog?

Contrary to popular belief, these two types of canines are not the same. These two types of animals are actually protected by different laws, and they have different rights. A service dog is used to perform a task for a disabled person that it has had specialized training to learn. It is imperative to the owner’s survival because the owner is unable to do this task. This could include the canine pushing a wheelchair or supporting a blind person. An emotional service dog is a companion animal and is there to make a disabled person feel better through companionship and affection. These animals require no specific training and don’t perform any tasks as they are there for emotional support as apposed to physical requirements. If you are concerned that people may mistake your support animal for a typical service dog then an animal vest may of benefit to you.

Should I Get One of These Dogs?

If you or someone you know has a verifiable psychological or mental disability, then you need to book an appointment with a mental health professional. You must first get a letter of approval by one of them before you can go and get one of these dogs. Once you have this letter, you can go and purchase a canine, or you could register your current one if you own one. Any canine can get registered regardless of their size or breed. They must, however, past behavioral guidelines and possess good social skills while being completely in your control. This means that they aren’t likely to attack someone or cause a nuisance while at your home or in public.
So, if any of this sounds like it applies to your situation or to somebody you know, then you should go ahead and book that appointment. You can’t go and see your local general practitioner either, as they are most likely not a registered MHP. You would have to see a therapist or psychiatrist in order to obtain your dog letter of approval for an ESA. If you need any assistance, we could make the process a lot faster for you and organize everything for you. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will be happy to assist you.