Emotional Pets

Emotional pets, also known as emotional support animals (ESA) are a common form of therapeutic treatment for people who have emotional disabilities. While they have been used for this purpose for decades, they are starting to get more popular and recognized by people and the medical industry. They have been known to have helped countless people across America improve the symptoms of their condition and in some cases eradicate it completely. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 Americans have what can be classified as an emotional disability and many of them don’t even know that they are living with one. When they do find out, coping can be tough, and they may feel like they don’t know where to turn. This is where certified ESA’s come in, and if you feel like you may have this type of disability, read on so you can know what you need to do.  There are many benefits to having an ESA, click Here to see how they could help you.

What is an Emotional Pet?

This is also known as an emotional support animal and their primary purpose is to provide companionship to their owner. Just the presence of this animal can result in mitigating one of the symptoms of someone’s disability that they are experiencing and improving their quality of life exponentially. They require no form of training and any domesticated animal can be one so long as they are well-behaved and have good social skills. To find out if a dog is the right pet for you visit onlinedogtor.com/emotional/dogs.

What’s an Emotional Disability?

An emotional disability can be classified as chronic stress, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It can also encompass psychological and mental disabilities too and there are many types of conditions that qualify as this type of disability.

How Can I Get One of These Pets?

If you have this type of disability or think you do, then you need to go and see a licensed mental health professional. Your local doctor is most likely not going to be one and you want to find a psychiatrist or therapist for this. Book an appointment with them and they will evaluate your condition and see if getting an ESA would significantly result in improving at least one of your symptoms. If they believe it would, they can then issue you with a letter of approval to get this type of animal. The letter will say that you’re their patient and they have deemed that an ESA would be greatly beneficial for your overall health and improving your condition.

What Do I Do Now?

Go and book an appointment if you haven’t already. You can also take our online assessment if you want to stay within the comfort of your own home and we can arrange everything for you should you qualify. Then you can choose your animal, whether you already have a dog that you wish to use or perhaps a new bird, whatever suits you best. We can also provide additional assistance with getting you the right animal for your needs and registering it if you wish to do so. You can then also use our services to get approval letters for residential tenancy applications or to take your pet on a flight with you. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance and we will be more than happy to help you. We are responsible for countless people across the United States getting approved and getting back on the right track.