Emotional Distress Dog

An emotional distress dog could be the best thing for you if you are suffering from an emotional disability. The use of these canines is on the rise and are becoming popular among medical professionals and their patients. With 1 in 4 people in the United States experiencing some form of mental disability at one point, it’s very important to prescribe effective treatments for those who are suffering. These pooches have proven to be incredibly effective at mitigating the symptoms that these people experience and in some cases have been able to eradicate the symptoms too. Just the very presence of one of these animals can help a patient show significant improvement and enhance their quality of life. Already have a dog? You can get your current companion the right certification to become an official emotional pet no problem.

What is an Emotional Distress Dog?

This type of companion dog is also known as an emotional pets, and their purpose is to provide their owner with companionship. They are especially popular with people who have stress, depression, and anxiety, and are a very effective form of therapeutic relief. They don’t require any form of training, but they can only be prescribed by a mental health professional for people who have emotional disabilities.

What is an Emotional Disability?

The definition of an emotional disability is quite broad and can encompass many mental and psychological disabilities. It can also cover chronic conditions of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress too. In order to get an ESA certified, this type of disability must be verified by a licensed mental health professional.

How Can I Get One of These Dogs?

As mentioned before, you must have that specific type of disability which can be verified by a registered mental health professional. You must book an appointment with one and undergo an assessment to analyze the extent of your condition. This professional will then need to believe that you getting an ESA would result in a significant improvement in at least one of the symptoms of your disability. If they come to the conclusion that an emotional pet will help you, then they can issue you with a letter of approval. This letter of certification will state that you are their patient and are currently under their care and they have deemed that getting an ESA would be of significant importance to your health and well-being.

What Do I Do Now?

If you haven’t booked your appointment yet, then you need to do so. Alternatively, you could also take our online assessment to see if you would qualify for an ESA. If you require any assistance, then you are more than welcome to contact us and utilize our years of extensive experience. Even if you are unsure if you have an emotional disability you can still take the assessment or book an appointment to find out. A lot of people with this type of disability didn’t even know that they were living with it until they got checked out. This is why early detection is also so important because it can prevent the condition from progressively getting worse over time. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s also better to go through life with company rather than being alone.